Al-Shabaab hotel attack in Somalia: Biden and US troops

Al-Shabaab hotel attack in Somalia: Biden and US troops

Boutros Hussein, Kanako Mita, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Joe Biden of America resent US troops into Somalia several months ago. The request for 500 troops came from the Pentagon. However, since this period, the Islamist forces of Al-Shabaab (Al-Shabab) appear emboldened.

In recent weeks, al-Shabaab Islamists (linked to Al-Qaeda) have clashed deep into the Somali region of Ethiopia with military forces from this nation. Likewise, internal terrorist attacks by al-Shabaab insurgents continue to blight Somalia. Therefore, the latest attack against a hotel in Mogadishu is another example of al-Shabaab taking the fight against government forces to an increased level since Biden resent American troops to Somalia.

The Guardian reports, “Security forces in Mogadishu are still fighting Islamic extremist gunmen who seized a hotel in the Somali capital on Friday evening in one of the most deadly and high-profile attacks in recent years.”

The current death toll is fifteen people and over 40 injured. However, with the security operation still ongoing by government forces, the death toll is likely to rise.

The BBC says, “In recent weeks fighters affiliated with the group have also attacked targets along the Somalia-Ethiopia border, which has raised concerns about a possible new strategy by al-Shabab… The attack on Friday marks the first in the capital by the group since Somalia’s new president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, was elected in May.”

Al-Shabaab insurgents attacked Hayat Hotel deliberately. After all, lawmakers and other government officials are known to frequent this hotel. This in itself is a security lapse knowing the history of al-Shabaab.

Somalia is also facing a devastating drought and other ills. Hence, the recent attacks in Ethiopia – and the hotel attack in Mogadishu – highlight that US troops sent to Somalia have emboldened al-Shabaab to go on the offensive.

Late last month, Modern Tokyo Times said, “Two separate terrorist attacks by the Islamist Al-Shabaab (Al-Shabab) in Somalia are known to have killed at least 20 people. This comes shortly after al-Shabaab entered the territory of Ethiopia. Therefore, with the Islamist insurgency showing no signs of being crushed in Somalia – and probes into Ethiopia: it highlights the confidence of al-Shabaab.”


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