America and Australia want Japan to assist in containing China

America and Australia want Japan to assist in containing China

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is the most nationalist leader of Japan in recent history. The media still deems him to be milder in line with his views before becoming the leader of Japan. However, his administration never stops condemning China and the Russian Federation – while ignoring the legacy of America.

Kishida even met Iran’s president recently despite hundreds of protesters being killed in Iran. Likewise, Kishida says nothing to Indonesia for occupying West Papua – and the same applies to Turkey and the endless occupation of North Cyprus. Therefore, Kishida’s rhetoric about “the rule of law” are “empty words.”

In Japan, nobody would dispute that the late leader Shinzo Abe had nationalist tendencies. Abe’s ideas were to encourage democracies to work together – from Australia to India – and contain China along with America. However, Abe was milder concerning the Russian Federation. Therefore, Japan was milder concerning Crimea (taken from Russia by the Soviet Union in the 1950s and given to Ukraine) and this land rejoining the Russian Federation.

Kishida seeks to bypass the Pacifist Constitution and militarize to a higher level by stealth. Abe was less ambitious than Kishida. Equally, Japan seeks to involve itself in the Taiwan Question to a higher level and will be backed by military options if Kishida wins the day. Therefore, America and Australia seek to entice Japan to involve itself in the military containment of China – because they note the anti-China and anti-Russian Federation stance of Kishida.

Voice of America reports, “Australia and the United States want to integrate Japan into their combined military activities to push back on China’s ambitions in the Pacific.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin notified Australia that America will increase its air, land, and sea forces in this country in line with the policies of Australia. This includes fighter jets and bombers.

Australian Defense Minister Richard Marles – reciting from the same hymn sheet – said, “It is really important that we are doing this from the point of view of providing balance within our region and involving other countries within our region and we look forward to being able to have more engagement with Japan in terms of that force posture cooperation.”

America and Australia understand the historical legacy of Japan related to the wartime period. Likewise, the anti-Communist involvement of America in Indonesia and the Philippines led to untold deaths – not negating Agent Orange being dropped on Vietnam and neighboring Cambodia and Laos by the armed forces of America. Therefore, many nations throughout ASEAN are opposed to the grand designs of China – and those of America, Australia, and Japan.

Kishida is anti-Russia to an extreme. Hence, his administration seeks to boost military spending – despite the endless mountain of debt and the decline in real wages of 2.6 percent in the last 12 months.

Embarrassingly, recent LDP leaders follow the call of America like loyal pet poodles. In the old days, Japan adopted independent stances concerning keeping out of the military quagmire of Vietnam (South Korea sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers to assist America during the Agent Orange period), keeping away from America’s pro-Israel stance, and focusing on economics. However, with three squandered economic decades (mainly under the LDP) and two static decades of wage increases, the LDP can now only tap into nationalism. After all, it takes some doing to trust this political party with economic issues concerning the last three decades.


The Guardian reports, “Joe Biden has said the US would intervene militarily to defend Taiwan if it came under attack from China, in an unusually forceful presidential statement in support of self-governing that drew a defiant response from Beijing.”

Biden said if China took action on Taiwan, “…it would dislocate the entire region – and be another action similar to what happened in Ukraine.”

Biden continued, “America is committed to a one-China policy – but that does not mean China has the jurisdiction to use force to take Taiwan.” 

Kishida – who seeks to dramatically increase Japan’s military spending despite having the highest ratio of debt in the world – was encouraged by Biden after he said, “I applaud Japan’s determination to strengthen its defense – a strong Japan, and a strong Japan-US alliance, is a force for good in the world.”

Kishida – a politician who never stops his anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric – replied to Biden by stating, “I have said all options are on the table, including the capability for Japan to carry out first strikes on enemy bases.”

Kishida – a very unscrupulous pro-American and nationalist politician – fully understands that America is responsible for past and continuing misery. At no time did Japan seek economic sanctions for Agent Orange on Vietnam, supporting right-wing death squads during Operation Condor in South America, Afghanistan, Serbia (Kosovo – that took land away from Serbian Orthodox Christians), Iraq, Libya, and utilizing proxies in countless wars (Syria to Ukraine) – while supplying vast military arms to the Saudi-led coalition that attacked Yemen under Obama. Indeed, over 30 million people face food insecurity now concerning the convulsions unleashed by America (and allies) from Yemen to the entire Sahel (Libya destabilized). However, this is ignored by America, the EU, and Japan.

Japan is the “divisionist dream of America” in Asia.

Australia and the United Kingdom notice this also. Hence, with Kishida openly showing his anti-China and anti-Russia credentials, it is clear that outside Asian nations seek to utilize Japan while Kishida taps into nationalism.

After all, Australia and its geography don’t relate to its population apart from the indigenous Aborigines. Thus, Japan should think twice before firmly going ahead and joining the anti-China alliance of non-Asian nations.

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