America and Egypt to jointly erase the Appeasement of Obama towards the Muslim Brotherhood

America and Egypt to jointly erase the Appeasement of Obama towards the Muslim Brotherhood

Boutros Hussein, Sawako Uchida, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The Presidency of Barack Obama of America, who paved the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to spread throughout North Africa, stabbed the nation of Egypt in the back during his term in office. Hence, the meeting between President Donald Trump of America and President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt will reset the clock back in the favor of sincere dialogue between both nations. This, in turn, will give a boost to el-Sisi internally because the administration of Obama was no friend of Egypt during a time of heightened crisis.

It is clear that America, France, Qatar, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, all desired to play the Muslim Brotherhood card in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Tunisia respectively. Yet, the Egyptian masses did not “rubber stamp” these foreign and domestic Islamist intrigues. Therefore, during a time of mass turmoil el-Sisi stepped in because Egypt was looking into the Muslim Brotherhood and economic abyss.

Of course, when the Muslim Brotherhood agenda was challenged then the Sunni Islamist reality soon became apparent. This is based on countless numbers of Christian churches being attacked and other forms of destabilization. Astonishingly, spin still continued to spread mischief against Egypt because the Obama administration and other nations mentioned believed that they could control and manipulate the Muslim Brotherhood agenda. Similarly, the same nations backed Sunni Islamist Takfiris in Syria with the connivance of the Muslim Brotherhood on the ground.

Voice of America says, Obama froze aid to Cairo after Egypt’s military, led by then General Sissi, overthrew Egypt’s first democratically elected president, Mohammed Morsi, in 2013. (Sissi was elected to the presidency a year later.) Obama declined to invite Sissi to the White House and was critical of the military regime’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood, which Morsi represented as president. Sissi regards the Brotherhood as a terrorist group.”

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stated, The Muslim Brotherhood intrigues against Egypt under President Obama and America’s negative approach to the Russian Federation needs to be challenged by the newly elected-President of America, Donald Trump. In other words, America and the Russian Federation should work closely with the government of Egypt in order to strengthen a pivotal nation. If this happens, then the negative consequences of the so-called Arab Spring can start to be truly pushed back.”

It appears that the Trump administration fully understands the significance of Egypt in turning the Sunni Islamist clock off. In other words, the nations of America, Egypt, and the Russian Federation have vested interests in working together for the common good of the people of Egypt.

Of course, el-Sisi is plagued by the need to still boost all major institutions, to call for Islamic reforms, to reach a delicate balance between pluralism while preventing militants within the Muslim Brotherhood from utilizing greater freedom, to shore up the economy, and to help in the fight against poverty. At the same time, Islamist Takfiris and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Sinai – and in other parts of Egypt – are still spreading hatred. This is based on cleansing Coptic Christians, terrorizing the local population, terrorist attacks, and killing Egyptian security forces.

El-Sisi in his meeting with Trump will focus on the duality of economic issues and security matters in relation to terrorism. Ahram Online says, Egypt has recently introduced a number of fiscal reforms, including subsidy cuts and the introduction of new taxes, aimed at stemming a growing budget deficit. Last November, the Egyptian Central Bank freely floated the Egyptian pound with the aim of alleviating a dollar shortage and attracting foreign investors.”

It is known that Trump is favorable towards el-Sisi based on many shared commonalities. Equally important, the Trump administration fully understands that Egypt is a pivotal nation and has major strategic importance. Therefore, the old guard of destabilizing the Middle East and North Africa in recent times will now witness a realignment of forces in Washington and Cairo that focuses on stability.

Modern Tokyo Times late last year said, It is clear that times are difficult for Egypt but opportunities abound if America, the Russian Federation, and other powerful nations, can all play a vital part in supporting Egypt irrespective of the varying angles that are open. If Egypt is lost to chaos and rampant poverty, then the winners will be the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS (Islamic State), people smugglers, sectarian violence, and unleashing countless negative repercussions throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. Therefore, it is essential for the international community to support the government of Egypt in order for el-Sisi to implement reforms based on strength.”

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