America and Turkey to Train another Terrorist Force against Syria: Iran must Counter in Iraq

America and Turkey to Train another Terrorist Force against Syria: Iran must Counter in Iraq

Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


America knows full well that international jihadists and various terrorist forces have utilized NATO Turkey in order to kill in Syria. Not content with this, NATO powers now support financing another proxy sectarian terrorist group, whereby international law is thrown out of the window. Of course, this will be done under the pretext of focusing on ISIS (IS – Islamic State). However, given the close relationship between Ankara and an array of sectarian and Takfiri forces, then clearly the endgame for Turkey is the defeat of the Syrian armed forces.

The armed forces of Iraq succumbed in various parts of this nation when ISIS attacked. Therefore, it is essential that all Shia forces disassociate themselves from America and Turkey in Iraq. Likewise, the same applies to Shia militias and the armed forces of Iraq disassociating themselves from Kurdish forces, if they are aligned with the destabilization deeds of America and Turkey against Syria.

Iran, therefore, must use the “Shia card” in Iraq in order to usurp the sectarian brinkmanship of America, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. After all, in Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Yemen it is clear that America and Gulf powers want to either contain various Shia communities – or, at worse, when it comes to Gulf powers and Turkey, then slaughtering the Alawites (Syria) and Shia (Iraq and Syria) based on various Takfiri proxies and sectarian groups.

This reality means that it is essential that Iran refocus on a new policy whereby Iraq and Syria are brought closer together. At the same time, senior religious figures like the Sunni Grand Mufti of Syria – and other major Sunni clerics opposed to outside meddling – must focus on central forces and unity. Also, senior positions in Iraq must be given to important Sunni politicians that favor centralization and independence – over the sectarian whims of outside nations that seek to divide and rule.

It must be remembered that the Syrian armed forces are multi-religious and that this nation took in millions of refugees from Iraq in the past, irrespective if Christian, Shia or Sunni. Alongside this, many Palestinians reside in Syria and this is further evidence that the Syrian government is not interested in sectarianism. On the contrary, the nation of Syria opened up itself to fleeing refugees based on humanity factors and obviously vast numbers of Sunni Muslims obtained sanctuary because of the Syrian government.

According to President Obama the new worry is meant to be ISIS. Yet, if this was the case, then Qatar and Turkey would be held accountable for their links with ISIS – and ratlines in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia would be closed. Given this reality, the main focus of Obama is another attempt to weaken the armed forces of Syria. However, if this is achieved then the only winners will be al-Qaeda affiliates like al-Nusrah and other Takfiri groups like ISIS.

The Syrian Arab News Agency reports: The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the U.S.-Turkish agreement to train, equip, and arm what Washington calls “moderate opposition” is a continuation of the previous course of supporting those who want to use force to reach their goals, neglecting the victims of conflict and the suffering of civilians.”

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, lambasted outside meddling in several Middle Eastern nations. After all, major problems in various nations have been created by the usual NATO and Gulf powers that destabilize on a whim. Therefore, Lavrov stated: This flagrant interference and the disregard for the fate of peoples have caused extremism and terrorism to metastasize.”

It is illogical to weaken the only trusted national army in the region (the Syrian armed forces) that is fighting various terrorist groups. Yet, given the compliant nature of many media outlets then America and Turkey can openly break international law. After all, the UN ball is in the court of Washington just like War Crimes Tribunals being off limits for America and other powerful nations.

Syria once more is facing a new threat to the sovereignty of this nation based on the meddling of outside nations. It is therefore incumbent on the Russian Federation and Iran to step up to the plate based on greater economic, military and political support for Syria. At the same time, dynamics in Iraq and Lebanon must be used fully by Damascus and Tehran in order to counteract the destabilization polices of America, Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia – along with the negative intrigues of France, Kuwait and the United Kingdom.

It must be stated that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) deemed moderate in the corridors of power in Ankara and Washington, not only cleansed religious minorities like Alawites and Christians, but the FSA also trained children to behead captured Syrian soldiers. Of course, many former FSA members – and so called other moderate forces – also joined al-Qaeda affiliates like al-Nusrah and the notorious ISIS Takfiri terrorist group.

Therefore, it is incumbent on Iran to stop dealing with hostile nations in Iraq that seek to enslave the Middle East based on sectarian and terrorist intrigues. If Iran pulls the rug under America and Turkey in Iraq, then clearly the next Syrian terrorist venture will be weakened from the start. Also, it will reduce the hand of Washington in Iraq and on the important negotiating table related to the nuclear question. Likewise, Iran can pullout of major cooperation in Afghanistan, if Syria is threatened by the new terrorist and sectarian force that will be trained by Ankara and Washington.


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