America claims national interests in military sales to Taiwan: China and Russia

America claims national interests in military sales to Taiwan: China and Russia

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Joe Biden of America can’t stop destabilizing and meddling in the national security of other nations. Thus every continent has been deemed the backyard of America. This is despite the shambles of the national borders of America and the serious problem of illegal immigration (related to the narcotics trade and not genuine migrants and refugees).

The same America that puts pressure on China to denounce the Russian Federation is the same nation that seeks to contain China. Thus given the delicate situation in Europe concerning the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and NATO powers: you would think that America would seek to build ties with China rather than antagonizing this country. However, true to America – the only country to use nuclear weapons and Agent Orange – hypocrisy – and brushing away past deeds – is part and parcel of owning the majority of the media chess pieces.

Newsweek reports, “The State Department notified Congress of a $95 million equipment and maintenance package for Taiwan’s Patriot surface-to-air missile systems on April 5, according to a press released issued by the Pentagon‘s Defense Security Cooperation Agency.”

This is the third military sale to Taiwan in ten months under Biden. Last year, a $750 military arms contract included 40 Paladin M109A6 self-propelled howitzers to boost the military capability of Taiwan.

After the latest military sale was announced to Taiwan. The Pentagon said, “This proposed sale serves U.S. national, economic and security interests by supporting the recipient’s continuing efforts to modernize its armed forces and to maintain a credible defensive capability.”

The Pentagon continued, “The proposed sale will help to sustain the recipient’s missile density and ensure readiness for air operations. The recipient will use this capability as a deterrent to regional threats and to strengthen homeland defense.”

Japan (primarily aimed at China but also the Russian Federation) and South Korea (aimed at North Korea) are awash with American military bases. Recent containment policies of China – including AUKUS (America, Australia, and the United Kingdom) and the Quad Group (America, Australia, India, and Japan) are dividing the region to a higher degree at the behest of America.

The Taiwan issue is deemed an internal issue in China. However, with recent administrations in Japan being more nationalist, America and Japan are increasingly upping the ante concerning Hong Kong, Taiwan, human rights in Xinjiang, and other anti-China angles. Hence, the new military sale from America to Taiwan will continue to fuel mistrust, especially with America deeming the sale to be of “national, economic, and security interests” concerning China.

Xavier Chang, a spokesperson of Taiwan, said, “Taiwan will continue to demonstrate its determination to defend itself, and continue to deepen cooperative partnerships with the United States and other like-minded countries”

A spokesperson at the US Department of State, said, “The United States also supports Taiwan with training and encourages its innovative and asymmetric security posture.”

America and NATO’s expansion against the Russian Federation – to the containment of China – is never-ending. Hence, the nation of Agent Orange to Operation Condor – to recent bombing campaigns against Iraq, Libya, and destabilizing Syria – can’t stop involving itself and dividing regions into confrontational blocs.

China and Taiwan need sincere talks. However, with the role of America and Japan being increasingly anti-China – then similar to Western forces meddling in Ukraine in 2014 – growing tensions are mounting between China and Taiwan. As usual, America is in the vanguard of this division.

NATO expansion to the borders of the Russian Federation and the significance of Ukraine geopolitically – while military training and more sales to Ukraine were ongoing meant either (A) capitulation to accept Ukraine joining NATO: the Russian Federation waiting until the re-armament of Ukraine threatens ethnic Russians and Russian speakers furthermore in Donbas: or the Russian Federation is dragged into a war that America believes can bleed this nation economically, militarily, and politically.

China faces the same scenario. Can China afford to accept Taiwan being independent and possibly one-day having American bases in this nation – or joining a military bloc under the intrigues of Washington?

Past administrations in America during the Cold War showed restraint to a much higher level when it came to involving themselves in major wars. However, while America is fraying internally, this nation is expanding its geopolitical power within the shadows of China and the Russian Federation by utilizing NATO, Japan, and so forth.

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