America reaches 700,000 Covid deaths: Keeps ticking under Biden despite Vaccines

America reaches 700,000 Covid deaths: Keeps ticking under Biden despite vaccines

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The politically correct media utilized the coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis in America, in order to boost the chances of the Democrats winning the election. Ultimately, Trump lost narrowly based on the coronavirus convulsions that hit America and how the anti-Trump media circus distorted events on the ground. Therefore, the same media is more subdued on knowing that over 300,000 citizens will have died from coronavirus in the first nine months of President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Ironically, the legacy of Trump was that America was one of the first nations to use vaccinations in the fight against coronavirus. Hence, the Biden administration can utilize the vaccine program, greater knowledge of antiviral drugs, and other medications to stem the number of deaths; unlike the Trump administration that faced a period of limited knowledge – and vaccines only at the end of his leadership.

700,000 people have now died from coronavirus in America. This roughly relates to 400,000 deaths under Trump and 300,000 deaths under Biden. Of course, for people who are neutral and only focus on the coronavirus itself, it was never about Democrats or Republicans. After all, New York was hit especially hard during the first period and this city is overwhelmingly Democrat. However, the anti-Trump media distorted everything and now downplays the horrendous loss of life that is equally happening under Biden – despite his administration being able to utilize vaccines (vaccines began under Trump).

The John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center says that the current death toll is 700,258 in America, 597,255 in Brazil, 448,339 in India, 277,507 in Mexico, and 204,424 in the Russian Federation. Yet, deaths are expected to be dramatically higher in India and Mexico.

Each nation will have different factors concerning the high death toll. However, in America, irrespective of the Trump or Biden administration, the real issues are ill-health. This notably concerns obesity, heart-related issues, and so forth that often overlap. Therefore, nations in East Asia have largely escaped the huge loss of life that is witnessed in other parts of the world.

Eventually, the coronavirus crisis will naturally subside just like past pandemics. Henceforth, it is essential that America – and other nations – tackle issues concerning obesity and other negative health conditions that are reduced dramatically in healthier nations.

The coronavirus in America was utilized by the anti-Trump politically correct classes. However, with over 300,000 deaths in the first nine months of Biden’s administration despite the coronavirus vaccine being available from day one (vaccine began in the final stages of Trump’s administration), it is obvious that high deaths in this nation concern the ill-health of many and inadequate procedures to protect the elderly in care homes.

Overall, the coronavirus crisis highlights the ill-health of America and that politicians and the media play politics during pandemics. Henceforth, it is high time for the political elites to focus on supporting a healthier society and introducing measures to support this.

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