America sidelined by peace: Iran, Saudi, and Syria (China and Russia)

America sidelined by peace: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Syria (China and Russia)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Recently China brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Accordingly, the restoration of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran should enhance the prospect of stability in West Asia (the Middle East) – to the detriment of the administration of President Joe Biden of America.

The Russian Federation also seeks restored relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria. This intricate web involving China and the Russian Federation – and supported by Saudi Arabia and Iran – seeks to end several conflicts and the division of the region.

It is hoped that the deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran will lead to a solution to end the war in Yemen. At the same time – and with the support of the Russian Federation – Saudi Arabia and Syria are near to restoring diplomatic relations. Therefore, America is being sidelined by political elites in Beijing and Moscow – who seek to end the bloodshed in West Asia without any meddling from America.

William Burns, the director of the CIA, was sent to Saudi Arabia by the Biden administration to express displeasure.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Burns expressed frustration with the Saudis, according to people familiar with the matter. He told Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman that the US has felt blindsided by Riyadh’s rapprochement with Iran and Syria.”

American sanctions against the government of Syria remain. However, diplomatic ties between Syria and the nations of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates have been restored.

Iraq and Oman also sought to broker peace between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Hence, the comment by Prince Faisal bin Farhan al-Saud, the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, is apt.

The Prince said, “China is our largest trading partner. It is also the largest trading partner of most countries. And that is a reality that we will have to deal with. China, for us, is an important and valued partner in many areas. We have excellent working relationships across many sectors. But we have said and repeat this, always, we will look towards our interests. And we will look for them in the West and in the East.”

The Foreign Minister of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said: “The return of normal relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia provides great capacities to the two countries, the region, and the Islamic world. The neighborhood policy, as the key axis of the government’s foreign policy, is strongly moving in the right direction, and the diplomatic apparatus is actively behind the preparation of more regional steps.”

Burns said America felt blindsided by recent developments during his trip to Saudi Arabia.

The fear is that the Biden administration will seek to throw a spanner in the works concerning Iran. If so, America might end up stabbing itself in the back.

Accordingly, the approach of mega American military sales, supporting proxies, and sowing regional divisions is shallow and morally bankrupt.

Iran must contain its proxies in Lebanon and Gaza because America and Israel will seek to sow the seeds of doubt – while America thrives on chaos.

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