Anger in the streets of Paris and throughout France: Elitist Macron, the Deep State, and useful extremists

Anger in the streets of Paris and throughout France: Elitist Macron, the Deep State, and useful extremists

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Many ordinary French citizens feel that they are being betrayed by the elitist political system. Hence, with issues related to fuel tax and the cost of living seeming remote to the elitist President Emmanuel Macron of France, then this anger is spiraling from mass demonstrations to open hostility. Therefore, since tensions first emerged roughly two weeks ago, three people have died.

It is well and fine for Macron to lambast fellow European nations for not falling in line with supporting the diktats of elitist nations in the European Union and the policies of mass immigration. This is especially aimed at Hungary and Poland – and other nations in Visegrad or sympathetic to this bloc. However, Macron should look at the failings of France because many ordinary French nationals are fed-up with a plethora of issues.

Since Macron returned from Argentina after attending the G20 summit, he met immediately with internal security officials, the prime minister, and the minister of interior. This seems to imply that Macron is thinking about declaring a state of emergency.

The BBC reports, The protest movement has no identifiable leadership and has gained momentum via social media, encompassing a whole range of participants from the anarchist far left to the nationalist far right, and plenty of moderates in between.”

Graffiti defaced a famous landmark, the Arc de Triomphe, based on the growing gap between thinking, living, and the feeling of the sense of belonging. Naturally, with certain elements involved in the protests having a more radical motive, then luxury boutiques were attacked based on the notion of privilege and rampant materialism. However, it should be stated that the vast majority of protestors were focused on the fuel issue and the cost of living, rather than seeking open confrontation.

Reuters reports, Several thousand riot police were overwhelmed on Saturday as they fought running battles with protesters in the shadows of some of Paris’ fabled landmarks and through its fanciest shopping districts. More than 400 people were arrested and more than 100 injured, shocking Parisians and tourists alike.”

Ordinary protestors don’t need extremists to take over the protests. Indeed, given the murky reality of the “deep state,” then violent protestors under the disguise of various forms of militancy are useful tools for Macron. After all, he knows, just like the elites and state apparatus knows, that the rank and file of genuine protestors are opposed to wanton violence. Therefore, genuine extremists and the “deep state” are subverting genuine discontent – one, based on extreme political views – the other based on the murky role of the “deep state.”

Macron, an elitist leader, will play on the role of various extremists – irrespective if he will attack the far right, far left, or anarchist groups. Mingled in the chaos will be the “deep state,” the same reality that was manipulated in the early part of tensions in Ukraine. Hence, the political elites know that they are pushing ordinary French citizens too far – irrespective if this is rising fuel costs, the cost of living, Islamization in parts of major cities, high-crime, loss of culture and identity, and other important factors. Therefore, the first defense for Macron is to blame violent extremists in order to contain the situation – followed by some sort of rapprochement after he overplayed his elitist plans for France.

The BBC reports, France’s interior ministry says about 136,000 people took part in the protests nationwide, showing widespread support for the movement known as the “gilets jaunes” (yellow vests).” 

Overall, the Yellow Vests don’t need violent extremists to sully the objectives they hold – nor do they need the Deep State to play murky games. Anger is genuine in France and the huge numbers of people that took part in the protests are witness to this fact. Indeed, if the Interior Minister says, “about 136,000 people took part,” it is more than likely that this number is even higher. Hence, the government of Macron needs to listen to ordinary French citizens who feel abandoned by the central state and the elites who rule France. If not, then divisions within France will grow based on many factors – and not just purely economic and political – but also culturally and socially.

Macron, looking sheepish after returning from his latest meeting with the elites at the G-20, was greeted by boos in Paris. Indeed, he had to be protected because he is seen to be part of the problem. Therefore, the elitist Macron – who lectures other nations and global leaders – can’t even walk freely in Paris based on his aloofness towards ordinary French citizens.

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