At least 94 dead from the brutal heat wave gripping Japan: Precautions for children

At least 94 dead from the brutal heat wave gripping Japan: Precautions for children 

Kanako Itamae and Chika Mori 

Modern Tokyo Times

The death rate in Japan keeps on growing because of the brutal heat wave that isn’t abating. Once more, like other natural tragedies that have hit Japan, the elderly are especially at risk. Hence, the vast majority of reported deaths respond to people being aged over the age of sixty years of age.

Temperatures have hit just over 41 degree Celsius in the Kanto region, while in Kyoto the endless heat is relentless. In truth, the extreme temperature currently blights large swathes of Japan. Equally worrying, the death rate is increasing daily despite countless warnings to people to take important precautions.

Motoaki Takekawa, a spokesperson at the Japan Meteorological Agency, warned people to take note of the situation. The spokesperson stipulated that the heat wave is a threat to life and we recognize it as a natural disaster.”

Heat stroke is also putting an enormous strain on the health care system because a reported 22,000 people have sought medical assistance. It is believed that the remaining part of the month will also continue to be blighted by high temperatures – even if slightly down on the current record highs.

Another important concern is protecting children during the summer holiday period. Hence, Yoshihide Suga, a spokesperson for the government, stressed that measures were needed to protect children during the current heat wave.

Suga uttered, “As a record heat wave continues to blanket the country, urgent measures are required to protect the lives of schoolchildren.”

The Guardian reports, The government said it would supply funds to ensure all schools were equipped with air conditioners by next summer. Fewer than half of Japan’s schools have air conditioning, and the figure is only slightly higher at nurseries.”


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