Austria to Tighten Up against Failed Asylum Seekers: Visegrad Logic

Austria to Tighten Up against Failed Asylum Seekers: Visegrad Logic

Boutros Hussein, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Austria is moving closer to the logic of the Visegrad Group (V4 – Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia) when it comes to several areas surrounding immigration and refugee policies. Hence, new plans to tighten up the system against failed asylum seekers. This comes on top of planning to implement economic consequences towards host nations that refuse to take responsibility.

Austria continues to believe that the V4 group is paving the way for social cohesion, preserving national identity, and focusing on the traditional fundamentals of the European Union prior to it being taken over by a politically correct agenda that endangers Europe. In other words, unlike Austria supporting Chancellor Merkel of Germany in the earlier period of the immigration and refugee crisis, the nation state of Austria is now looking to fellow regional European nations inside the V4.

Latest proposals by the ruling political coalition in Austria are aimed at taking away privileges for failed refugees. This applies to taking funds away for accommodation and food. Therefore, by enacting tougher policies towards failed asylum seekers, it is hoped that individuals will stop deeming Austria to be “a soft touch” and open to abuse.

Wolfgang Sobotka, the Interior Minister of Austria, says, “The first thing is basically that they don’t get anything from the Austrian state if they don’t have the right to stay here. Is that so hard to understand?”

Currently, approximately 4,000 people were still residing in Austria despite being denied the right to remain. Of course, the government of Austria will provide assistance to vulnerable individuals, for example, minors, but it will be taken away from others. Similarly, new proposals stress economic fines, detention, and possible prison or economic penalties for individuals who are lying about their true identity.

The ruling coalition is increasingly focused on social cohesion and stemming the tide of the nationalist Freedom Party. In other words, genuine refugees and past migrants that have moved to Austria will feel assured because increasing tensions will be reduced.

Late last year Sebastian Kurz, the Foreign Minister of Austria, said, “for countries that are unwilling to take back their citizens, the funds for development cooperation must be cut.”

Modern Tokyo Times stated in a past article, “Austria and the V4 need to reach out to other nations based on geopolitics in order to create a common sense approach to a very serious issue that threatens the richness of European culture and values. Therefore, with the internal political crisis in Turkey reaching boiling point, it is essential that European nations prepare to protect the citizens of each individual nation state within the EU… Attention also needs to be placed on working together with nations outside of the EU, for example, Serbia, in order to shore up the continent from perennial mass migration that is creating a smugglers paradise and a breeding ground for Takfiri Islamists.”

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