Bahrain recognizes Israel similar to the UAE: Geopolitics and the Muslim Brotherhood

Bahrain recognizes Israel similar to the UAE: Geopolitics and the Muslim Brotherhood

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The nation of Bahrain – just like the United Arab Emirates recently – is to normalize ties with Israel. This will further strengthen Israel in the Arabic speaking world, while also highlighting the need for greater co-existence throughout the Middle East.

For Saudi Arabia that is also on a reformist path – concerning the role of women in society and the need to clamp down on Takfiri Islamist forces and the Muslim Brotherhood – the measures taken by Bahrain and the UAE will be welcomed. After all, for the nations of Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and others, the real fear is Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood.

Thus with Israel not being a threat to any of the above-named nations, then geopolitics along with realpolitik is coming into play.

Voice of America reports, “Like the UAE agreement, Friday’s Bahrain-Israel deal will normalize diplomatic, commercial, security and other relations between the two countries. Bahrain, along with Saudi Arabia, had already dropped a prohibition on Israeli flights using its airspace. Saudi acquiescence to the agreements has been considered key to the deals.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is upbeat about recent changes in the Middle East. He said, “It took us 26 years between the second peace agreement with an Arab country and the third, but only 29 days between the third and the fourth, and there will be more.”

Unlike the UAE, the nation of Bahrain is taking a bigger gamble because of the size of the Shia population in this nation. Thus meddling from Iran before the agreement – and after – means Bahrain needs greater international support.

The Foreign Ministery of the UAE uttered, this was “another significant and historic achievement which will contribute enormously to the stability and prosperity of the region.”

Ironically, for those opposed to the respective agreements in the last month based on the Palestinian cause, the opposite may occur. In other words, instead of outside nations utilizing Palestinians based on internal distractions, a new dawn may emerge. This is based on increased projects to help Palestinians and Gulf capital playing a role in moderation.

Also, Israel diplomatically needs to consider Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, and the UAE to a higher level based on mutual obligations. Hence, the Arabic speaking world is stronger vis-a-vis diplomacy and recognition. Therefore, nations including Iran and Turkey – and the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood – are being weakened by the shifting sands.

Thus it is incumbent that Palestinians benefit from the shifting sands based on economic factors and eroding marginalization. Equally, all modern nations that seek a dynamic approach must support Bahrain and the UAE for choosing the path of hope.


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