Bashar al-Assad Elected in Syria: US/EU Should Focus On Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Bashar al-Assad Elected in Syria: US/EU Should Focus On Turkey, Saudi Arabia & Qatar

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


America and the European Union switch on democracy and religious freedom at the drop of the hat. If you wanted to visit a nation whereby various Christian and Muslim sects were all treated with dignity alongside the Durze community prior to outside meddling, then Syria was a role model throughout the region. Indeed, even today Syria is a role model in government controlled areas because all religious communities freely mix. This is a far cry from areas under the control of Islamist Takfiri sectarians and an array of terrorist forces including the Free Syrian Army (FSA). After all, in areas under the control of Takfiri and FSA held areas then all religious minorities flee. At the same time, the Kurds are also singled out based on their ethnicity but this doesn’t seem to worry Gulf and NATO powers that support various terrorist and sectarian forces in Syria.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of Syrians voted for President Bashar al-Assad because people in this nation know full well the problems of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya after outside meddling. Also, given the barbaric nature of Takfiri and terrorist groups that are enforcing dhimmitude on Christians, butchering the Shia, slaughtering Alawites and beheading pro-government Sunni Muslims; then obviously the majority of Syrians within this nation and outside this country support the Syrian government.

The BBC reports: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has won a third term in office after securing 88.7% of votes in Tuesday’s presidential election, the parliamentary speaker has announced…Earlier, Syria’s constitutional court put the vote turnout at 73.47%.”

Condemnation of the vote from America and the European Union sums up their usual blinkers, after all look at modern day Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. These three nations are all behind supporting terrorism and sectarianism against Syria and clearly connections with major Western powers are strong. In modern day Turkey the current Erdogan government is known for arresting journalists, espousing hatred towards the Alevi community and the current leader speaks with enormous ill-will towards the Shia. At the same time, NATO Turkey is responsible for allowing international terrorists to enter Syria and part of this policy also entails in many massacres against the Kurdish people.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar, two nations that are funding various al-Qaeda affiliated based terrorist groups and other sectarian forces in Syria are also not known for democracy and human rights. Indeed, in Saudi Arabia not one single Christian church is allowed and apostates from Islam face death. At the same time, the mosaic of Islam and various faith groups in Syria would never be tolerated in Saudi Arabia – therefore, Alawites, the Shia and the Druze would all suffer enormous persecution in modern day Saudi Arabia. Not only this, but in Saudi Arabia old men can marry little girls of eight and nine years of age and women are whipped if not fully covered up outside. Of course, democracy is anathema to any limited degree in Saudi Arabia. Likewise, Qatar is also known for many negative realities – including the deaths of thousands of migrant workers that are treated like fodder.

Prior to outside meddling then Syria was the last bastion of secularism and being independent from the whims of Gulf and Western powers in the Arabic speaking world. Egypt was always benevolent to Camp David and then America, Qatar, Turkey and the United Kingdom all three their collective Muslim Brotherhood hats into the ring. However, new hope is emerging in Egypt after the election of President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi based on the brave Egyptian people who demonstrated in the tens of millions against the Islamist sectarian Muslim Brotherhood.

The BBC commented about Syrians voting in Lebanon. This agency stated: “It was the first Syrian multiple-choice presidential election in decades, and it kicked off abroad about a week ahead of the vote in Syria itself.”

“In Lebanon, many of the voters showed up with zeal.”

The BBC continues: “Syrians have come today to show the world that they are the only ones who can decide their future, not the Chechens or the Afghans,” said a young voter, referring to foreign fighters who joined the ranks of the Syrian rebels against the current regime and its allies… Some pierced their fingers to “vote in blood” for Bashar al-Assad. Others simply tore off the pictures of the two other candidates and placed the picture of President Assad alone in the box.”

In other words, major international agencies like the BBC couldn’t hide the reality that the majority of Syrians outside of this nation voted for Assad. Therefore, the majority of Syrians voted freely for Assad in Syria and outside of this nation whereby they were beholden to nobody. This reality means that Syrians within the nation – and outside of this nation – still support the government of Assad on the whole despite all the enormous propaganda and the brutal destabilization policies against Syria.

Of course, all the above will still not stop Gulf and Western meddling because the terrorist and sectarian ratlines are still continuing. Despite this, in 2014 it is clear that the Syrian armed forces are regaining many strategic parts of this nation in order to preserve the rich mosaic of Syria. Meanwhile, sectarian forces of hatred in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar will continue to show the world the barbaric hypocrisy of so-called democratic states that implement brutal policies in Washington, London and Paris.

Also, while America and the European Union condemns the vote in Syria – while tolerating brutal feudalism based on sectarian and monarchy lines in the Gulf – more people are being slaughtered in Iraq based on outside meddling and Libya is nothing more than a failed state. Therefore, the people of Syria within the nation state and outside of their beloved country are showing the world that they support Assad on the whole.

This reality should turn the terrorist and sectarian clock off that is being sponsored by Gulf and Western powers. However, given the coldness of major Gulf and Western powers in their combined policies of tearing Iraq and Libya apart – then sadly it appears that the same sinister forces will continue with their destabilization policies against the rich mosaic of secular Syria.

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