Biden and Kishida (America and Japan): Highest ratio and biggest holder of debts

Biden and Kishida (America and Japan): Highest ratio and biggest holder of debts

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Joe Biden of America will meet Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan. Both leaders will talk high and mighty and promise many things related to anti-China and anti-Russia policies. Biden and his containment policies of China and soaking the land of blood in Ukraine and Russian areas of Donbas via enormous funding of Ukrainian nationalists – will meet the most anti-Russia leader in recent history in Japan.

One individual supports taking the knee to Black Lives Matter while plying the world with military weapons: the other is from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), where former leaders and current politicians visit Yasukuni Shrine (a place famous in China and South Korea for the internment of War Criminals in this holy place).

Therefore, Biden represents a melting pot nation with high crime rates, 107,000 overdose deaths in the last 12 months, 40,000 deaths related to guns (homicide to suicide), and where race-baiting and gender confusion are in vogue under the Democrats – will meet Kishida, in charge of minimal refugees per year in Japan (70 last year), nationalistic, and a very sexist nation where women rarely make a breakthrough in many areas of the economic and political ladder – and both will talk like “old friends” despite culturally and politically having nothing in common apart from loathing China and Russia.

Embarrassingly, recent LDP leaders follow the call of America like loyal pet poodles. In the old days, Japan adopted independent stances concerning keeping out of the military quagmire of Vietnam (South Korea sent hundreds of thousands of soldiers to assist America during the Agent Orange period), keeping away from America’s pro-Israel stance, and focusing on economics. However, with three squandered economic decades (mainly under the LDP) and two static decades of wage increases, the LDP can now only tap into nationalism. After all, it takes some doing to trust this political party with economic issues concerning the last three decades.

America and Japan do share one common theme – debt.

In 2022, America’s debt reached 30 trillion dollars for the first time in the history of this country. Hence, just like the highest overdose deaths in the history of America (under Biden) with 107,000 deaths in the last twelve months, Biden is making the wrong type of history. Despite this, the Biden administration – with Republican support – passed a bill to ply 50 billion dollars of economic and military support to Ukraine.

Voice of America reports, “The cost of servicing the country’s outstanding debt has become a major part of the federal budget as the outstanding debt has grown. In 2021, the government made $562 billion in interest payments on outstanding debt. That is more than the annual budget of every individual federal agency except for the Treasury, the Department of Health and Human Services (which manages the Medicare and Medicaid government health insurance programs), and the Department of Defense.” 

Japan holds the highest ratio of debt in the world – and will hold grand talks with America, which owns the biggest debt in the world. The ratio of debt in Japan is shockingly 260% of GDP. However, despite three decades of aggressive fiscal spending by the government, the nation is mired by low economic growth, static wages, weak inflation, sluggish productivity rates, females still facing enormous discrimination within senior management structures, and the population is declining and graying.

Kyodo News reports, “Japan, whose fiscal health is already the worst among major industrialized economies, is expected to see its government debt-to-GDP ratio come to 262.5 percent this year, 0.6 points lower than a year earlier.” 

However, the above was predicted before Kishida and his anti-Russia crusade in exporting Washington’s geopolitical goals – and furthering nationalism internally. Thus, the GDP ratio is likely to increase concerning the convulsions of what is happening in Ukraine and the Russian and Russian-speaking areas of the Donbas region.

Yet, the one guarantee is that Biden and Kishida will not focus on their mountains of debt. Nor will they concern themselves with real bread and butter issues that nationals in America and Japan face. Instead, it will be lofty environmentalism and more anti-China and anti-Russia policies.

Two nations – one (America) inciting internally under the Democrats and spreading war and chaos (Obama-Biden administration bombed Libya, destabilized Syria, supported chaos in Egypt, and ISIS entered the vacuum in Iraq – and now Biden is weakening parts of Europe just like Obama weakened parts of North Africa and the Middle East) – will meet another nation (Japan) that is lukewarm to all regional nations in Northeast Asia at best and at worse is joining the containment policies of America concerning China, while hoping to weaken the Russian Federation through economic and political channels.

Debt, anyone? Bread and butter politics, anyone?

Instead, it will be more anti-China and anti-Russia policies.


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