Biden’s America: 1.1 million Covid and overdose deaths but funds death in Ukraine

Biden’s America: 1.1 million Covid and overdose deaths but funds death in Ukraine

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Biden and the Democrats love taking the knee at home, inciting ethnic divisions, spreading divisions internationally, and plying gender identity confusion – while financing Ukrainian nationalists to tens of billions of dollars to weaken the Russian Federation. Not content, the Biden administration can’t keep quiet about issues from Ethiopia to Sri Lanka while doing little to stem the internal convulsions of a fraying America.

Democrats don’t worry too much about the border crisis that bedevils the nation. This is also linked to the easy availability of opioids that enter the country. Hence, no surprise that the highest ever number of overdose deaths is happening under the watch of the Biden administration. Therefore, warmongers in both main political parties (the Democrats and Republicans) seek tens of billions of dollars to fuel death in Ukraine and the Donbas region – while ignoring the 107,000 overdose deaths that occur internally.

America isn’t fraying concerning the size of the overdose problem, homelessness, drug addiction, criminality, enormous social inequality, endless mass migration related to border issues, and other social ills. It is fraying because a new phenomenon – even if the overdose angle is the worst in the history of America – is engulfing America. This relates to the Democrats being anti-family, pro-gender confusion, endorsing race-baiting and victimhood, and this party plays identity politics at the drop of a hat. Therefore, political divisions are being sowed to a dangerous level.

While the “American dream and family unit burns,” the Biden administration negates this. Instead, the Biden administration seeks to spend over 50 billion dollars by supporting Ukrainian nationalism and anti-Russian forces. Not only this, the Democrats are sowing divisions in Northeast Asia by increasing military and political support (Democrats and Republicans mainly unite concerning spreading external divisions) to Taiwan – and pandering to Japanese nationalism under Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

The politically correct media (rightly or wrongly) mocked the former leader Donald Trump – ironically, unlike past recent Democrat and Republican administrations, he didn’t involve himself in new wars – concerning the coronavirus crisis. However, vaccines became available under Trump at the end of his administration – and, unlike the Biden administration, more antiviral drugs are available now to stem deaths. Despite this, America reached 1 million Covid-19 deaths – alongside hitting the highest number of overdose deaths (opioids are running riot) in American history, with an astounding 107,000 deaths in a 12-month period.

Afghanistan sums up the debacle of the Biden administration. One minute, the new America puts up the LGBT flag in Kabul. Yet, the next moment, Afghanistan is handed on a Taliban plate (Taliban killed members of the LGBT in the past). However, the LGBT flag being raised temporarily in Kabul – just like the Democrats taking the knee and plying Critical Race Theory and sowing gender identity confusion – is all about the “feel-good factor” and the brief moment that alters nothing apart from sowing more divisions.

Modern Tokyo Times reported in a past article, “Once America exported “a wholesome culture focused heavily on traditional values.” However, America is now exporting a virus that incites and divides concerning race and gender. Therefore, politically correct convulsions are being felt in France, the United Kingdom, and other nations where race and gender are peddled day after day – film after film – media after media – sport after sport – and within the educational system.”

The only certainty is that 107,000 overdose deaths in a 12-month period, a pointless border that enables opioids to enter the nation easily, and other serious issues from homelessness to criminality – and lack of affordable housing – will all be put on a back burner. Instead, the Democrats will continue to race-bait, play identity politics, and ply gender confusion – while spending vast sums on Ukraine and the military machine to contain China.

Yes, incitement at home – incitement in distant lands – this is the Democrats under Biden.

Sadly, anti-China and anti-Russia policies are supported by both main political parties in America.

However, the main difference is that one political party is self-loathing and full of false righteousness (Democrats). Therefore, the Biden administration is boosting the fraying of society in America to a dangerous level – while negating the overdose crisis, criminality, endless border problems, and other important issues.

More people are dying each month from the overdose crisis in America than civilians (non-military individuals) being killed in the war in Ukraine. However, where is the outrage?

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