BND and Merkel enabled NSA to Spy on German and French Companies

BND and Merkel enabled NSA to Spy on German and French Companies

Helmet Joachim Schmidt, Takeshi Hasegawa and Lee Jay Walker

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It is difficult to believe that Chancellor Angela Merkel believes her own words because sprouting the international terrorist card and national security, in relation to spying on France, EU targets, and German companies, appears absurd. Indeed, her comments about the role of German intelligence (BND) assisting a non-European Union entity, is truly untrustworthy and irresponsible. After all, why was the BND assisting the US National Security Agency (NSA) in spying on German companies and nations like France?

Merkel stressed immediately about the BND scandal that: This ability to carry out its duties in the face of international terrorism threats is done in co-operation with other intelligence agencies, and that includes first and foremost the NSA.”

This comment is a huge disservice to the people of Germany and makes a mockery of her condemnation of NSA spying against Germany. After all, Merkel stated about the NSA when spying on Germany that “Spying between friends, that’s just not done.”

If the above comment was sincere, then how can Merkel justify the BND assisting the NSA against German companies and fellow European nations? Indeed, if the finding of the BND assisting the NSA is found out to be 100% per cent accurate, then surely this verges on treason?

More to the point, what is spying on France and German companies for the NSA to do with international terrorism and national security? In other words, it is abundantly clear that the scandal involving the BND assisting the NSA is nothing to do with international terrorism or national security. The issue is simply to assist the NSA to spy on German companies and fellow European nations like France.

The BBC reports “Chancellor Angela Merkel has come under pressure from her coalition partner to disclose a list of spying targets given to German intelligence (BND) by the US.”

Therefore, Merkel should have focused on this reality rather that tamely coming up with a school ground excuse that doesn’t befit the leader of Germany. Of course, Merkel knows full well what senior opposition figures are demanding in Germany.

Instead the BBC reports that Merkel focused on national security, the favorite basic brainchild for negating responsibility. The BBC media group says “A leaked BND report suggested it had monitored French and EU targets for the NSA.”

If Merkel continues to take the line that the BND was involved in ensuring the safety of German nationals by spying on German companies and fellow European nations, then clearly she isn’t on planet reality. Therefore, the media in Germany, national politicians within the ruling party, senior opposition political figures – and the German people – must do more so that senior heads role based on democratic accountability.

Simply put, Merkel can’t play the international terrorist card, or issues involving national security. The issue is simple, why did the BND assist the NSA against the interests of Germany and fellow European nations?


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