Brazil coronavirus deaths to hit 30,000 in the next day or so

Brazil coronavirus deaths to hit 30,000 in the next day or so

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

The international coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis is abating in most of East Asia and Europe apart from the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom (numbers are coming down). However, in Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and several nations throughout Latin and South America, the situation is still unfolding.

Infections are extremely high in America, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Peru, and the Russian Federation – and Iran seems in a spiral of ups and downs. Similarly, stress signs are visible in Egypt, South Africa, and a few other nations.

In terms of deaths then Brazil is spiraling and soon will surpass most nations. At the moment, only America, the United Kingdom, and Italy have a higher death toll. Hence, in the next day or so, Brazil will reach the sad milestone of 30,000 known deaths. However, like Italy and the United Kingdom, the real death toll in Brazil is much higher.

Alarmingly, the BBC reports, The number of deaths in Brazil has been doubling roughly every two weeks, compared to about every two months in the UK, four months in France, and five months in Italy.”

Other nations immediately played down the severity of the international coronavirus crisis. For example, President Donald Trump and the two Democrat leaders in New York both believed that America would escape the worst. Likewise, Prime Minister Boris Johnson – who nearly died from coronavirus – implied to “take it on the chin.” However, in time all the above would realize the severity of coronavirus even if too late.

President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil is still focused on the economic angle and downplaying the crisis. Hence, even with just below 30,000 deaths, he remains aloof and unconcerned by the horrendous death toll.

Indeed, when regional governors introduced lockdowns to stem infections and deaths, Bolsonaro condemned them. He uttered, “the tyranny of total quarantine.”

Of course, for the working poor in Brazil and people who are marginalized beyond comprehension, their choices are limited. After all, will the Brazilian state provide all adequate provisions and money to protect people already blighted by poverty?

Overall, it appears that the deaths will keep flowing and Bolsonaro will remain indifferent. However, it remains to be seen if Brazil will escape political and social convulsions because the crisis is spiraling.



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