Brutal tsunami devastates Palu in Indonesia after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake

Brutal tsunami devastates Palu in Indonesia after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake

Sawako Uchida and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times

A brutal tsunami hit the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia after a magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck the region on Friday. The city of Palu bore the brunt of the crisis because the tsunami swept things in its way – irrespective if people or buildings.

Alarmingly, the meteorological agency of Indonesia had lifted the warning of a possible tsunami and deemed this unlikely. Yet, it soon became apparent that Palu had suffered greatly. Officials claim that the tsunami actually hit while the warning was in place, if so, then how come the same agency didn’t know about the terrible events that had occurred in this city?

Reuters reports, Hundreds had gathered for a festival on the beach in the city of Palu on Friday when waves as high as six meters (18 feet) smashed onshore at dusk, sweeping many to their death and destroying anything in their path, following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.”

It is known that at least 384 people have perished but this figure is likely to increase further. Hence, grief is blighting many family and friends in this part of Sulawesi. Equally, with many people still missing, then anxiety and fear are gripping many people.

The BBC reports, “Rescue efforts are under way, though hampered by a major power cut. The main road to Palu has been blocked due to a landslide, and a key bridge is out of action.”

Aftershocks also hit the city the following day and this is a firm reminder that the situation remains extremely tense. People have also lost their homes, while others are severely damaged, following the brutal tsunami that was triggered by the earthquake. At the same time, health care facilities have been damaged and the infrastructure is weakened.

It is imperative that local authorities and the central government work together to help people suffering so much in parts of Sulawesi. Also, it is essential that regional nations and the international community respond by helping Indonesia during this difficult time.

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