Burundi needs Support against Internal and External Intrigues

Burundi needs Support against Internal and External Intrigues

Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The government of Burundi needs neither internal nor external intrigues to create destabilization. After all, the history of Burundi and Rwanda are sadly riven by ethnic tensions along with political intrigues. This reality means that several conflicts have ravished both Burundi and Rwanda. Therefore, irrespective of the political dispute in Burundi, it is essential that neither side resort to overwhelming force.

Sadly, latest news emanating from Burundi bodes ill because anti-government forces attacked military installations in the capital of this nation. Many individuals involved in the assaults have been apprehended while others were killed in the fighting that entailed.

France 24 (with Reuters) reports Heavy gunfire and blasts erupted early on Friday and shots were still heard across the capital Bujumbura long after daybreak. Residents said the streets were empty at a time when people are normally heading to work. Police were out in force.”

Since April approximately 240 citizens have perished and this applies to government and opposition supporters. On top of this, around 200,000 individuals have left the country because of the fear of greater instability.

Worryingly, the BBC states “The attacks are the first on military bases and signal a change in tactics from insurgents in the country…. Even during the attempted coup in May, military bases remained untouched.”

It is too early to say if external players were involved but irrespective of this it is essential that nations like Belgium, France and Rwanda don’t act independently. If external players take sides then the delicate situation will flip out of control.

Modern Tokyo Times in a past article stressed In recent times a failed coup and protests have rocked Burundi after Nkurunziza announced he would be running for president. On top of this, international condemnation threatens to impinge on this nation in the area of investment, international political talks, economic aid and other important areas. This reality spells trouble for Nkurunziza and the people of Burundi.”

Therefore, it is alarming that military barracks have been attacked in Burundi because clearly this will further increase tensions and play into the hands of militant forces on both sides of the gap. Hopefully, genuine honest brokers can be found internally and externally in order to ease the crisis in Burundi.




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