Burundi Opposes French-led United Nations Resolution Citing Infringement of Sovereignty

Burundi Opposes French-led United Nations Resolution Citing Infringement of Sovereignty

Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Hiroshi Saito, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Burundi is adamant that only the parliamentary system can sanction any deployment of international forces to enter the nation. In recent times, the African Union (AU), followed by a recent United Nations (UN) led resolution by France, have both increased pressure on the government of Burundi. However, the government of this nation stresses that the internal situation is firmly under control and that international intrigues are over-hyping the real situation on the ground.

The Security Council of the UN, just like the AU, seeks to authorize the deployment of UN police. Yet Burundi is firmly opposed to outside international interference and openly rebukes the UN for violating lofty principles laid down by this international institution.

In recent times outside nations like Belgium, France, and Rwanda, all continue to raise concerns to various degrees but some comments don’t resemble events on the ground according to the government of Burundi. This reality is a concern for Burundi because outside meddling may encourage anti-government forces. Similarly, if intrigues try to enter a vacuum, then just like the nightmares of Iraq and Syria, then it may well be that outside nations light the flame of violence – even if unintended.

Philippe Nzobonariba, a spokesperson for the government of Burundi, said The government of Burundi rejects every aspect of this resolution linked to the deployment of any force on its territory,” spokesman Philippe Nzobonariba said in a statement released on Tuesday.”

President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi is alarmed that the AU and UN aren’t respecting the national sovereignty of this nation. This is based on continuous pressure by both international institutions and overtly critical comments made by certain nations.

Fox News reports, “Burundi’s government has rejected the proposed deployment of up to 228 United Nations police to the East African nation to monitor human rights abuses and calm violence.”

According to the government of Burundi, the situation on the ground doesn’t merit international interference. At the same time, the right of national sovereignty isn’t up to debate because this is meant to be the firm foundation of international law.



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