Cameroon cholera outbreak with over 40 deaths

Cameroon cholera outbreak with over 40 deaths

Chika Mori and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Time

The death toll from a cholera outbreak in Cameroon reached 44 people earlier this week. Hence, in two weeks, with over 1,700 reported cases in the Southwest area of Cameroon, the deaths are mounting.

The public health chief for the South West Region, Filbert Eko Eko, blamed latrines and the lack of clean water. He told Xinhua News Agency, “We have cases practically all over our region. Our three major treatment centers are completely overpowered.”

The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, uttered similar comments. Voice of America reports, “Bilai said the cholera outbreak is caused by a shortage of clean drinking water in western towns and villages provoked by the long dry season and civilians should desist from drinking open stream water. He said the disease is spreading fast because cattle and civilians defecate in the open and in rivers.”

Cameroon is blighted by outbreaks of cholera that occur periodically. In 2020, 66 people died from cholera.

Deaths reported between March 16 and 22 include 20 in Kumba, 5 in Tiko, 2 in Yaounde, and 2 in Buea. Many cases have also been reported in Limbe.

The World Health Organization reports, “Cholera is an acute bacterial infection associated with profuse diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration and death. The disease is spread mainly by faecal contamination of water and food and is linked to poor sanitation and lack of clean drinking water.  In Nigeria, 23 states have recorded suspected cases of cholera in 2021.”

The central government of Cameroon is assisting regional authorities with the latest outbreak.


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