Chad and Niger Launch Military Offensive against Boko Haram in Nigeria

Chad and Niger Launch Military Offensive against Boko Haram in Nigeria

Paul Joseph Nzeribe, Lielit Kebede and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Chad and Niger have sent their respective armed forces into northeastern Nigeria in order to assist Nigeria in its fight against Boko Haram terrorists. This reality is further evidence that Nigeria needs regional support because elements within the central government of Nigeria appear rather distant. However, Cameroon, Chad and Niger are now on the frontline because of Boko Haram terrorism that threatens parts of Nigeria and adjacent nations linked geographically with northeastern Nigeria.

It is known that the military offensive by Chad and Niger applies to ground forces and airstrikes. Boko Haram, the Islamist Takfiri terrorist group, is now being pounded in the Nigerian state of Borno. The role of France will be of significance because it is known that political elites in Paris are disillusioned by the lack of support from major economic and military powers. Therefore, France will be assisting in various ways because of the geopolitical concerns of this nation in relation to this part of Africa.

The military offensive by Chad and Niger is witnessing the first attack by the armed forces of Niger into Nigeria. Chad, known regionally for having military elite units, fully understands the risks. After all, military units from this nation have already been fighting Boko Haram terrorists within the territory of Nigeria. Also, the close relationship between Chad and France augurs well because international support is needed in the fight against Takfiri terrorism in Nigeria.

Colonel Azem Bermandoa, spokesperson for the military of Chad, acknowledged the military offensive. He states: “We can confirm that Chadian and Nigerien forces launched an offensive this morning from Niger. The offensive is underway.”

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: Regional nations are now helping Nigeria in its war against the Takfiri Islamist group called Boko Haram. However, true to the nature of Boko Haram then this terrorist organization is now launching attacks against other nations, for example Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Indeed, the latest attack by Boko Haram that occurred in Chad was the first assault launched against this nation. This clearly is related to regional nations helping Nigeria because recent attacks have also took place in Cameroon and Niger.”

Therefore, the latest military attack by Chad and Niger is fraught with danger given the estranged logic of Boko Haram. Given this reality, it is more than likely that Boko Haram will try to spread its terrorist attacks deeper into nations that are supporting the government of Nigeria. Despite this, Chad and other regional nations believe that they have no option but to support the military of Nigeria because of the increasing brutality of Boko Haram.

The BBC reports: The Nigerian military and troops from neighbouring states have recently claimed some success in their campaign against Boko Haram.”

Nigerian citizens and nationals from regional nations in the conflict zone – or near the conflict zone – will be on guard because Boko Haram will try to sow division. Also, fear and intimidation is part and parcel of Boko Haram therefore more suicide bombings, village massacres, attacks against religious buildings and so forth is likely to take place in the immediate future. However, given the severity of the crisis then regional nations believe that the price is worth paying. This is based on the Boko Haram Takfiri menace that threatens to destabilize a vast area that overlaps several nations.

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