Christian pastor beheaded by Sunni Islamists in Nigeria

Christian pastor beheaded by Sunni Islamists in Nigeria

Boutros Hussein and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Sunni Islamists in Nigeria have beheaded another Christian pastor in a long and grim process that appears never-ending. Sunni Islamist forces often butcher Christian followers in Nigeria. Indeed, even moderate Muslims face the wrath of Sunni Islamist Takfiris. Therefore, recent beheadings of Christians – and the latest murder of a Christian pastor – is evidence of the brutal religious cancer that blights Nigeria.

It is understood that Islamists took Reverend Lawan Andimi to a forest and beheaded him while reciting prayers to Allah. This happened after a high financial ransom wasn’t paid. Following on from this the Christian preacher refused to renounce his faith and convert to Islam. Hence, Sunni Islamists butchered him brutally by beheading him.

In another recent video, following a brutal video showing Sunni Islamists killing eleven Christians, a young boy brutally kills a Christian in Nigeria. These two attacks were committed by ISIS (Islamic State – IS) and then forwarded to social media and other sources for propaganda purposes.

Mervyn Thomas, the Chief Executive of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, uttered, The resurgence of both factions of Boko Haram is emblematic of the increasing insecurity in the country, and Nigerian civilians are bearing the brunt of it.”

Sunni Islamists are butchering from Burkina Faso to Nigeria in one vast area of Africa. Indeed, several nations in the Sahel along with the knock-on-effect from the failure of Nigeria to defeat terrorist forces are facing an uphill struggle to contain the crisis. Therefore, the destabilization of Libya and the never-ending crisis in Nigeria means that many nations are suffering from the vacuums that have been opened.

Thus, the latest beheadings in Nigeria and other brutal murders will continue regionally because Sunni Islamic terrorism is a growing menace. Hence, various nations need to refocus internally and join multi-regional approaches to the ongoing crisis. At the same time, important international powers need to join forces in order to stem the crisis.


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