Christian Refugees in Germany Suffer Discrimination in Camps by Muslims: Mirror of Pakistan

Christian Refugees in Germany Suffer Discrimination in Camps by Muslims: Mirror of Pakistan

Jibril Khoury, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Open Doors Germany, and others, continuously report attacks and open discrimination against Christians and other non-Muslim minorities including the Yazidis in various refugee/economic migrant housing centers. The perpetrators in these centers are Muslim refugees/economic migrants and security personnel from the same faith group in Germany. Of course, this isn’t surprising given the fact that genuine non-Muslim and minority Muslim communities like the Ahmadiyya and Alawites are fleeing Sunni Islamist persecution. Therefore, the only surprise is why enormous Sunni Muslim migration is being tolerated given the fact that you have many majority Sunni Muslim nations.

Equally important, Sunni Islamist sectarian groups including al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, al-Shabaab, ISIS (Islamic State – IS), al-Nusra, the Taleban, and a plethora of others, all emanate from within the Sunni Muslim fold. On top of this, the leading Sunni Muslim nation in the world, Saudi Arabia, bans all non-Muslim faiths, supports killing apostates, is allowed to build mosques all over Europe and persecutes the Shia minority. Indeed, state institutions in Saudi Arabia loathe minority Muslim sects and clearly groups like the Alawites, Alevi, Ahmadiyya, and others, would not find a welcoming home in this nation.

Markus Rode, Open Doors Germany, talks strongly about increasing “fear and panic” among Christians and other non-Muslim minorities. Deutsche Welle reports, In Germany’s refugee housing, both the migrants and the security personnel are mostly Muslim.”

The above reality is equally absurd given the fact that Christians are being cleansed in several majority-Muslim dominated nations. Likewise, vast numbers of Yazidis are suffering the trauma of modern day slavery at the hands of Sunni Islamists. This also applies to rape and the forced marriages of Yazidi women to Sunni Islamists. Despite this, the politically correct agenda of Chancellor Merkel of Germany, the Pope, mainstream media – and other areas of society – continue to look away.

Indeed, look at the analogy of migration from Pakistan to the United Kingdom. If we focus on the cleansing of Hindus in this nation since the creation of Pakistan, then continue with the systematic persecution of minority groups including the Ahmadiyya, then something is amiss. On top of this, enormous bloodshed is being directed towards the Shia in Pakistan, including Shia mosques being blown up by Sunni Islamist sectarian groups. Likewise, Christians and Sikhs suffer enormous institutional discrimination and bouts of persecution. However, despite this, the vast majority of migrants from Pakistan to the United Kingdom come from the Sunni community – yes, from the faith community responsible for such hatred. Indeed, even moderate Sunni Muslims face being killed and harassed in this nation if they stand up to Sunni Islamist chauvinism.

Open Doors Germany did a survey of several hundred Christians fleeing persecution. These Christians, mainly from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, stress overwhelmingly that they suffer persecution in areas housing refugees/economic migrants. This applies to newly arrived Muslims persecuting Christians and security personnel from the same faith. Overall, an astonishing 88 % of Christians stated they had been targeted because of the faith they hold and this includes 32 % who received verbal death threats.

Sadly, but not surprising, the Pope brought back only Muslims from the camp he visited. In other words, while parts of the Sunni Muslim world is either cleansing, persecuting or banning Christianity (Saudi Arabia bans this faith), the same faith is growing in major European nations. Similarly, Islamist terrorists killing in Brussels and Paris also emanate from the Sunni Muslim faith that equally hates the Alawites and Shia in Syria. Also, minority Muslim groups like the Ahmadiyya face increasing voices of Sunni Islamic sectarianism in nations like the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is high time to focus and give priority to non-Muslim minorities fleeing persecution (Christians, Hindus, Yazidis, and others) and minority Muslim groups like the Alawites, Ahmadiyya, Alevi and the Shia who suffer at the hands of Sunni Islam.


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