Christian Survival in Syria Relies on President Assad: Ghosts of Cyprus, Kosovo and Iraq

Christian Survival in Syria Relies on President Assad: Ghosts of Cyprus, Kosovo and Iraq

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The demise of Orthodox Christianity in Northern Cyprus and Kosovo took place on the watch of Western powers, the ambitions of Turkey and the geopolitical and religious ambitions of feudal Gulf monarchs. Similarly, the destruction of Iraqi Christianity and other minority faiths took place on the watch of America and the United Kingdom. Not surprisingly, this reality also took place in Biafra and East Timor whereby Christians were deemed expendable. This reality is now happening in West Papua. Likewise, in the post-Gaddafi era, Christians now face having their throats cut by ISIS (IS – Islamic State). Therefore, it is essential for Alawites, Christians, the Shia and indigenous Sunni Islam to survive in Syria because Gulf and NATO backed sectarians seek to crush all traditional faiths in this nation.

Salafi radicals, plying the agenda of feudal Gulf monarchs and the estranged NATO power of Turkey, seek to turn the clock back to “Islamist Takfiri Year Zero.” Indeed, Pol Pot would welcome the utter barbarity of various Takfiri forces like ISIS and al-Nusra.

Al Monitor reports about the plight of Christians in Aleppo in 2015 by highlighting what a local Christian states in a report by Edward Dark (a pseudonym). Immediately he rebukes anti-Syrian government forces by making it abundantly clear that Christians are under siege by these terrorist and sectarian forces. He comments: Look, we are targeted now as a religious community; this is very clear to us. They want to get rid of us, drive us from our lands that we have inhabited for centuries. They have destroyed churches. Look at Kassab and Maaloula, do you need further proof?”

In the case of Armenian Christians in Kassab, it is also clear that NATO Turkey was involved in the cleansing of Christians by providing various types of support. Of course, this reality doesn’t concern NATO powers because just like the Orthodox Christians of Northern Cyprus and Kosovo, they simply don’t register. This similarly applies to the continuing occupation of Northern Cyprus by Turkey. Therefore, it is no surprise that the Western camp is once more siding with sinister forces that want to eradicate Christianity from the Middle East.

Al Monitor reports: “Media reports based on eyewitness and opposition sources saying that Turkey has become a party to the civil war in Syria have found their way into court proceedings. During the trial of the Islamic State (IS) militants who attacked Turkish security forces at Nigde last year, court files revealed that Turkey, beyond supplying opposition forces with weapons and ammunition, had also given artillery support to the opposition groups that captured Kassab. The prosecutor obtained striking admissions by tapping the defendants’ phones. According to documents obtained by Ahmet Sik of Cumhuriyet, the wiretapping transcripts reveal that the opposition forces at Kassab inform people in Turkey of the coordinates of Syrian army positions around Kassab, and then Turkey shells those locations.”

Irrespective of where Christians and other minorities are cleansed in Syria, it is clear that Gulf powers and Turkey are behind this reality along with the usual Western nations of America, France and the United Kingdom. Israel and Jordan are also not innocent bystanders because terrorist forces have been trained in Jordan. Also, it is clear that various sectarian forces believe that the closeness to Israel, Jordan, and Turkey respectively, is extremely beneficial. Indeed, irrespective if it is ISIS, FSA or Nusra terrorist forces in northern Syria – or Nusra and other terrorist forces in southern Syria – it is clear that Turkey in the north and Israel in the south are openly taking in injured terrorists. These patched up terrorists are then sent back to frontline positions in order to kill Syrians and cleanse religious minorities.

The government of Syria under President Bashar al-Assad assisted the Christians of Iraq that fled the Western terrorist induced vacuum. Indeed, in the past the same Syria took in mainly Sunni Muslim Palestinians that had fled their homeland. On top of this, the armed forces of Syria are multi-confessional. Therefore, the religious mosaic in Syria needs protecting from a plethora of Takfiri terrorist forces.

The New American reported in 2013 about the reality of Obama’s so-called moderate forces. This source stressed: “Now Obama’s inclusive opposition has allegedly slaughtered the entire population of al-Duvair, which is the type of crime that the U.S. president has previously purported was sufficient reason for the people of Syria to rise up and overthrow their government. And the massacre is hardly an isolated incident; for example, only several weeks ago, rebels attacked the St. Elijah Orthodoxy monastery. As Voice of Russia reported on May 12: “The militants ransacked the cloister, destroyed the sanctuary, blew up the belfry and tore down the statue of St. Prophet Elijah who is equally revered in Syria by both Christians and Muslims, Syria’s SANA news agency reports, quoting the head of the monastery, hegumen Gadir Ibrahim. The hegumen believes the attack to be the work of foreign mercenaries.”

Year after year the same Gulf and NATO powers continue with assisting sectarian and terrorist forces against the secular government of Syria. At the same time, the indigenous Christian community knows full well that the demise of the government of President Assad would spell complete disaster. Therefore, this embattled religious community needs the government of Syria to survive and likewise the role of Hezbollah in certain areas is extremely important for Syrian Christians.

The highly respected Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in America states: I think the Islamic rebels winning is a bad idea for the Christians. All of a sudden we’ll have another Islamic state where Christians are persecuted.”

Rand Paul stressed this several years ago but the Obama administration is continuing with its dangerous policy that is threatening several religious communities in Syria. It is therefore imperative that the Syrian government survives because the alternative for religious minorities is too galling to think about. After all, look at what happened to the Christians of Kosovo, Iraq and Northern Cyprus based on the meddling of outside powers and the intrigues of Ankara.


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