Colombia drug cartel reacts after Otoniel extradited to the US

Colombia drug cartel reacts after Otoniel extradited to the US

Kanako Mita and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Northern Colombia is witnessing the reaction of a noted drug cartel since Otoniel (Dairo Antonio Úsuga) was extradited to America. The Gulf Clan drug cartel understands how to install fear and enforce loyalty concerning the utilization of violence.

The Gulf Clan drug cartel in areas under their control – or influence – is shutting down economic and social activity for a set period. This concerns parts of northern Colombia. Therefore, the state apparatus is being warned about the power dynamics they hold.

The Guardian reports, “Otoniel faces a litany of drug-trafficking charges in the US, as well as over 120 charges in Colombia – including allegations of murder, illegal recruitment, kidnapping for ransom, sexual abuse of minors, terrorism, illegal possession of weapons and drug trafficking.”

After the arrest of Otoniel, the authorities in Colombia and the United States claimed that this was a major blow to narcotraffickers. Predictably, two noted individuals in this drug cartel have taken charge. These two individuals – Gonzalito and Chiquito Malo – are now intent on stabilizing and consolidating their narcotic network.

This drug cartel – also known as the Gaitanist Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC) – is backed by 2,000 fighters. Hence, the profitable drug trade, extortion, kidnappings, people trafficking, and other criminal activity generates sizeable capital for the Gulf Clan drug cartel.

Colombia Reports says, “Ahead of the extradition, Otoniel surrendered he JEP a list of 63 politicians, security officials and businessmen who allegedly were complicit in crimes committed by the AGC and its predecessor, the AUC.”

Unease abounds in Colombia because many individuals want Otoniel to face internal charges – and not extradited to the United States. Individuals blighted by the criminality of the Gulf Clan drug cartel, want to know the names of individuals in the corridors of powers who are involved.

Otoniel and murky dealings within the corridors of power in Colombia make his extradition appear convenient.

Colombia is blighted by murky political connections with drug cartels – and the same concerns the judiciary and law enforcement agencies.

Modern Tokyo Times reported last year, “Another 145 people in Colombia were killed in 2021 concerning their respective human rights activity. Every year people are killed for speaking up for the dispossessed and communities who suffer at the hands of various militias – be they Marxists or right-wing paramilitaries. Also, over many decades the darkness of the state apparatus stalks the country.”

Activist campaigners for poor rural communities, indigenous activists, human rights individuals, trade unionists, environmentalists, and others are killed by a collection of forces inside Colombia. 

This is the world of Otoniel and how terror – murky political and narcotic dealings -continues to blight the people of Colombia.


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