Common cybersecurity standards a solution sites Huawei to allay US concerns

Common cybersecurity standards a solution sites Huawei to allay US concerns

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker 

Modern Tokyo Times

Huawei, understanding international concern about security risks is calling for the need for an international approach to allay fears of certain governments. This notably applies to America and staunch allies that have also spoken out about genuine fears related to cybersecurity.

Hence, this company is stressing the need for a common approach to international cybersecurity standards, to allay fears related to the government of China. Of course, Huawei at all times denied any wrongdoing and claims that all charges are false. However, because of heightened tensions, a technically and verifiable set of standards to issues related to cybersecurity – according to Huawei – is a way forward.

Ken Hu, the Chairman of Huawei, states, “As a whole, the industry lacks a unified set of technical standards for security, as well as systems for verification. This is complicated by globalization of the value chain.” 

Last month Mike Pompeo, the United States Secretary of State, warned European nations about the threat to national security. He stated strongly, “We can’t forget these systems were designed with express work alongside the Chinese PLA, their military in China… The risk to privacy from this technology is very, very real.”

In other words, America is warning nations that America won’t be able to partner with nations that use Huawei’s high technology. Of course, in recent times the hatchet in America and the United Kingdom is noticeably on the Russian Federation. Yet, when it comes to China, America is gradually increasing its rhetoric against this nation in an equal manner. Therefore, the stakes are extremely high in relation to Huawei and cybersecurity.

Horace C. White, Modern Tokyo Times, stipulates, “To really ascertain whether the US is envious of China’s 5G tech advancement or not, one must grasp the benefits that the innovative technology brings to the table. 5G means the fifth generation of mobile telecommunication. The technology offers a wide spectrum of benefits, such as high data rate (speed), energy saving, reduced latency and a host of others. Huawei Technologies, which provides services similar to US-based tech firms Apple and Cisco combined, is currently the only telecom firm manufacturing and selling 5G network equipment. Undeniably, 5G technology will play a pivotal role in the 21st-century tech industry.”

Hence, with the angle of the Chinese government entering the mix according to America, then this issue is extremely serious. This doesn’t solely apply to the technology itself, but also to a level playing field for companies to move ahead if they are based in nations like China and the Russian Federation.

Reuters reports, “Hu, who met with European Commission digital chief Andrus Ansip on Monday, said they had discussed the possibility of setting up a cybersecurity standard along the lines of the GDPR, the landmark EU data protection law adopted last year which gives Europeans more control over their online information and applies to all companies that do business with Europeans.”


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