Coronavirus increases in Tokyo with 70 percent having no obvious infection route

Coronavirus increases in Tokyo with 70 percent having no obvious infection route

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The gradual increase in coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in Tokyo is making people anxious. All major cities in Japan have currently avoided the ravages of other parts of the world. However, the gradual trend is worrying because many infection routes aren’t known. Therefore, monitoring and isolating isn’t possible.

On Saturday, with the majority of Tokyoites heeding advice to limit travel and social interaction, another 118 coronavirus cases were confirmed. The ages of individuals ranged from young children aged ten to more elderly people in the 90’s age group.

Of significance, especially with how South Korea and Taiwan are containing the crisis, it is reported that 70 percent of cases had no known infection route. Hence, with it being imperative to monitor and isolate then not knowing the infection route is extremely worrying.

The coronavirus entered Japan in the middle of January. Of course, it may be confirmed at a later date that cases go back a little further. Irrespective of this, it appeared that Japan had contained the crisis. However, with cases increasing since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics was postponed then skeptical voices have emerged. Therefore, political elites in the central government and the Tokyo Governor need to restore trust.

The latest one-day increase of coronavirus cases in Tokyo is 118. Thus topping 100 cases in the capital for the first time. Hence, with coronavirus entering Japan in the middle of January then questions need to be asked why cases are increasing in early April?

It must be stated that the death toll in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan is extremely low when compared to Europe and America. Equally, each nation is adopting different policies to contain the crisis. Yet, the fear is that the lack of testing is giving coronavirus a chance to spread throughout Japan.

Similarly, the working environment, packed transport systems, social gatherings, and not being able to space adequately is creating enormous psychological stress for untold millions of people. Therefore, if coronavirus cases continue to mount and the death toll suddenly starts to increase then the “quietist approach” will have to change.

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