Covid-19 deaths and infections in China are estranged: Why mainly Hubei?

Covid-19 deaths and infections in China are estranged: Why mainly Hubei?

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Over one million people are known to have died from coronavirus (Covid-19) internationally. However, the initial epicenter of Hubei province in China remains an enigma. Therefore, while Wuhan in Hubei is synonymous with the coronavirus, the enigma of what really happened in China remains unclear.

Indeed, the graphs of coronavirus in China are very bizarre when compared with nearly all other nations. Thus the suspicion remains that China isn’t coming clean about events. Similarly, how come other nations are hit completely different in terms of infections and the spread of coronavirus?

The largest population in the world is China with roughly 1.4 billion people. Yet, despite China being where the virus emerged, this nation is ranked 44th in terms of infections. Also, in terms of deaths, only 4,634 deaths in China compared with Belgium 10,037 (population of Belgium is 11.46 million).

Similarly, 124,234 infections in Belgium compared to 85,434 in China. Remember, coronavirus emerged several months before it was known in China.

Also, the treatment of coronavirus was relatively unknown during the first few months. Thus, how come deaths and infections are so low in China? Especially when this nation didn’t fully understand what was happening in the first few months.

Likewise, deaths in Hubei (environs of Wuhan) are 4,512 out of China’s entire total of 4,634. Hence, roughly 97 percent of all deaths in China happened in the province of Hubei. This seems bizarre unless something murkier applies.

It is known that the virus in Wuhan began at least in November 2019. However, it could date back to September. Either way, with movement happening to and from Wuhan internally for a long period, it is strange that deaths and infections throughout the rest of China are so low.

Finally, the graphs related to coronavirus are very skewed and appear estrange. Hence, how come deaths and infections in other nations have spread more widely – and for longer – than China?

After all, China didn’t know about the coronavirus in the initial period. However, despite the coronavirus spreading rapidly to all corners of the world, it seems that in China only Hubei was hit severely.

Thus, something is amiss about events in China. World coronavirus statistics


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