Death toll reaches 39 after the 6.7 Earthquake hit Hokkaido: 1 person still missing

Death toll reaches 39 after the 6.7 Earthquake hit Hokkaido: 1 person still missing 

Chika Mori and Sawako Uchida

Modern Tokyo Times


The death toll from the deadly 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Hokkaido is now 39. However, with one more person still missing, then sadly it looks like the number will reach 40. Therefore, with Japan being battered by a deadly typhoon and being hit by a potent earthquake that also sowed death in the same week, much sorrow abounds in several parts of the nation. 

It is known that emergency services and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have been working tirelessly since the earthquake struck Hokkaido a few days ago. Hence, the armed forces and emergency services are increasingly being utilized immediately during times of natural disasters. Equally important, the central government is set to task the various ministries to help people blighted by the after effects. This applies to destroyed homes, water-related issues, power supplies, the destruction of the infrastructure, temporary housing, providing food and assistance, and other important areas.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also visited Hokkaido in order to show support and to view the destruction at first hand. Of course, it is important for political leaders to show the “human face” during times of tragedy. Hence, local people, irrespective of their political persuasions, will welcome the visit of Abe and the emergency meeting held immediately after the earthquake struck.

Abe stipulated shortly after the tragedy, Please give your sympathy to people who spent a dark night in fear, and do everything you can to restore electricity as soon as possible.”

The town of Atsuma was especially hit hard after landslides submerged houses and people. It can only be hoped that the local government and central government will help in areas related to trauma for all surviving members – and to somehow bring a little peace to an embattled community.

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