Democrats in Hong Kong demonstrate against a dangerous proposed extradition law with China

Democrats in Hong Kong demonstrate against a dangerous proposed extradition law with China

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The most potent recent demonstration to shake Hong Kong emerged based on proposals for an extradition treaty with China. This comes at a time when Christian churches are being closed in China; Muslims fear more central Communist Party diktats in Xinjiang; the Tibetan Buddhists remain crushed culturally, politically, and based on demographic changes; growing surveillance in China; and other ill wills under President Xi Jinping of China. Therefore, many democrats and free thinkers in Hong Kong fear legislation that would embolden the diktats of China.

Ironically, officials in league with the growing shadow of central forces in China are stressing that extradition is needed in order to send a suspected murderer to Taiwan. Of course, Taiwan also fears the growing bellicose nature of China under Xi Jinping who is heavily focused on power concentration.

Reports vary about the size of the crowd based on the political nuance of either side. Hence, some state extremely high numbers of roughly 130,000 people, while the other side claimed approximately 22,000 people. Either way, to the naked eye, it is clear that the demonstration attracted a sizeable crowd who vented their opposition strongly.

Of course, Carrie Lam came under heavy condemnation for being deemed to be overtly pro-Beijing. Therefore, many demonstrators declared, “Step down, Carrie Lam.”

The BBC reports, “…earlier this year Ms Lam’s government announced that it would overhaul the city’s extradition laws so that, for the first time, suspects could be extradited to Taiwan, Macau or mainland China on a case-by-case basis.”

The last governor of Hong Kong from the United Kingdom was Chris Pattern. Not surprisingly, he fears for the future of Hong Kong and wants China to refrain from threatening the freedom of Hong Kong. He stipulated that the extradition proposal was “an assault on Hong Kong’s values, stability and security.”

Reuters reports, The proposed changes have sparked an unusually broad chorus of concern from international business elites to lawyers and rights’ groups and even some pro-establishment figures.”



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