Dignitaries in France denounce “new anti-Semitism” and “Islamist radicalization:” Shadow in Europe

Dignitaries in France denounce “new anti-Semitism” and “Islamist radicalization:” Shadow in Europe

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Famous political dignitaries and celebrities who follow various political views to being apolitical have signed a declaration that denounces “new anti-Semitism” in France. This “new anti-Semitism” is based on “Islamist radicalization” according to the signed declaration. Therefore, it is hoped that the political elites and educational institutions will tackle this issue openly, while also pressurizing Muslim networks in France to root out anti-Semitism.

The current Jewish population in France is approximately half a million people. Hence, the largest Jewish population in Europe exists in France but this isn’t preventing the Jewish community feeling victimized and easy targets. In the past, the far-right attacked Jews verbally but the new menace, while the old reality still exists, is Islamist in nature. Indeed, the “new anti-Semitism” in France is based on the murder of Jews by Islamists or attacks by ordinary Muslims against Jews in recent times.

Germany is equally witnessing growing signs of anti-Semitism inside certain sections of the Muslim community. The declaration in France said, “In our recent history, 11 Jews have been assassinated – and some tortured – by radical Islamists because they were Jewish.”

Sadly, in the “new Europe” the reality of Sunni Islamist terrorism is all too common in several European nations. At the same time, growing Islamization is increasing based on endless Sunni Muslim migration, Islamist indoctrination, the politically correct ignoring serious issues related to Muslim supremacy based on areas of the Hadiths, Gulf petrodollars, Sunni Islamist networks in relation to internal media networks and other forms of communication, and other important areas. Hence, by ignoring the reality of “new anti-Semitism” and “Islamist radicalization,the scene is being set to boost nationalist movements because many people feel abandoned and betrayed in several European nations.

The Guardian reports, The latest attack to rock France took place last month when two perpetrators stabbed Mireille Knoll, an 85-year-old Jewish woman, 11 times before setting her body on fire, in a crime treated as antisemitic. Her brutal death sent shockwaves through France and prompted 30,000 people to join a march in her memory.”

France 24 says, The signatories condemned what they called a “quiet ethnic purging” driven by rising Islamist radicalism particularly in working-class neighbourhoods. They also accused the media of remaining silent on the matter.”

Outside of the manifesto, it is hoped that France will also root out anti-non-Muslim rhetoric and anti-France overtures that exist within elements of the Muslim population. Of course, the same facts exist in other European nations even if the hatred is aimed at others. For example, anti-Shia and anti-British cultural values exist in the United Kingdom within the Sunni Islamist community. This is based on Islamization by stealth in certain parts of major cities and smaller towns where “indigenous flight” is happening.




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