Egypt and President El-Sisi: Strengthening the Nation State in 2015

Egypt and President El-Sisi: Strengthening the Nation State in 2015

Boutros Hussein and Salma Zribi

Modern Tokyo Times


President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt fully understands the difficult road ahead for Egypt. This reality means that 2015 will be a momentous year for this nation state because Egypt badly needs political stability. In turn, once the nation state is strengthened then greater economic reforms can be enshrined in order to kick-start a sleeping giant.

Of course, many dangers remain in Egypt because extremist Islamist forces still seek to usurp the rich civilization of this nation. At the same time, in the opposite direction some secularists and left-leaning individuals – and others from various political angles – expect too much. After all, militants within the Muslim Brotherhood and an array of terrorist forces entrenched in the Sinai desire political chaos in order to further their dark and sinister causes.

In another article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated: “Egypt faced the prospect of a Muslim Brotherhood religious dictatorship whereby all and sundry would have been forced to abide by religious zealots. Following on from this, the minority Christian community would have been put under enormous pressure resulting in vast numbers leaving their homeland. At the same time, Egyptians of various political leanings faced the real prospect of being alienated to the full. However, General Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi stepped in because he knew the dangerous path being set by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Therefore, El-Sisi needs to focus on all possible nightmare scenarios alongside sinister outside forces that seek weakened nation states throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Given this reality, El-Sisi seeks to strengthen the nation state in order to safeguard the security of Egypt. Also, El-Sisi desires to firmly entrench the democratic path by firstly protecting Egypt from political and economic chaos.

It is easy for international media outlets and internal enemies of Egypt to focus on areas related to greater security by somehow linking this with authoritarianism. Yet the blunt reality is that militants within the Muslim Brotherhood had hoped to turn the clock back to year zero. Not only this, this political and religious organization firmly wanted to enshrine a new dhimmitude on the Coptic Christians of Egypt. At the same time, women were being prepared for deeper shadows based on Muslim Brotherhood political and religious goals.

El-Sisi bravely took the mantle of safeguarding Egypt but clearly many internal and external intrigues still threaten the nation state. In saying this, Egypt is much better placed today under the guidance of El-Sisi and other political leaders in this country. Despite this, hostile forces based within nations like Turkey and internal terrorist and political Islamist forces remain.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times stated in a past article that: “…it is imperative that radical secularists and liberals understand the dangers posed by militants within the Muslim Brotherhood and various other Islamist Takfiri groups. Yes, certain measures will not be popular to more radical secular and liberal groups in Egyptian society. However, what options does El-Sisi have at the moment? If the new president introduced sweeping democratic reforms then militant Islamists within the Muslim Brotherhood would utilize this in order to spread sedition within Egypt. At the same time, daily demonstrations would impact negatively on the economy both internally and externally. Therefore, El-Sisi knows full well that the road ahead is very difficult. Yet at least now Egypt does have the chance once more to rebuild and take its rightful place within the region based on being a major player.”

Therefore, El-Sisi and the government of Egypt must shore up the nation state in 2015 by strengthening state institutions. Alongside this, economic and political reforms are needed based on laying a firm foundation for a resurgent Egypt. However, important steps can only move forward once national security is strengthened because forces of chaos still seek a new political vacuum that will endanger the future of Egypt for generations to come.

Lee Jay Walker gave assistance to both main writers.


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