Elderly Christian Killed by Muslim Mob Rule in Pakistan

Elderly Christian Killed by Muslim Mob Rule in Pakistan

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

An elderly Christian male was brutally killed by a Muslim mob in Pakistan over allegations of blasphemy.

Islamists belonging to terrorist groups didn’t kill Nazir Masih (an elderly Christian male). On the contrary, ordinary Muslims killed Nazi Masih – similar to older Muslim males forcibly marrying young Christian and Hindu girls in Pakistan.

It is all about ruling by fear and tyranny and deeming non-Muslims to be inferior.

Voice of America reports, “Nazir Masih, the 70-year-old victim, was receiving treatment for severe head injuries at a military-run hospital near the capital, Islamabad, after being rescued, along with family members, from angry protesters gathered outside his residence in the city of Sargodha on May 25. He underwent multiple surgeries but could not survive, a police official said.”

Muslims burned down his shop and laid waste to his home. After capturing the elderly Christian – they sought to lynch him based on allegations of blasphemy.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (UK) said, “On 25 May members of the Muslim community in Mujahid Colony, Sargodha District, broadcast accusations that Mr Masih had allegedly burnt pages of the Qur’an, prompting a mob of over 1,000 people to attack Mr Masih’s home and the shoe factory he had owned in the area for six years.”

After battling bravely from horrendous injuries, the elderly Christian died on June 3.

The embattled Christian community carried his coffin and declared that “Jesus is great.”

Last year, Muslim mobs burnt 21 Christian churches and attacked a Christian settlement. This also happened because of blasphemy allegations. However, it is all about enforcing Muslim supremacism against non-Muslims (Slavery was banned in the land of Mecca in the 1960s. Also, all non-Muslim holy places are still illegal in the House of Islam – Saudi Arabia).

Fr Khalid Mukhtar (Christian priest) said the mob also “… stoned the ambulance that was transporting Nazir Masih to the hospital…”

The United Nations (UN) is also concerned by events in Pakistan. Recently, the UN released a statement saying: “We are deeply troubled to hear that girls as young as 13 are being kidnapped from their families, trafficked to locations far from their homes, made to marry men sometimes twice their age, and coerced to convert to Islam, all in violation of international human rights law.”

Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and minority Muslim sects all face institutional discrimination in Pakistan.

One can only imagine the fear and pain encountered by Nazir Masih.

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