Electronic warfare a concern for Japan: Modernization on developments in China and Russia

Electronic warfare a concern for Japan: Modernization on developments in China and Russia

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Irrespective of the rights or wrongs of events surrounding Crimea between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the role of Russia’s electronic warfare opened-up eyes in Japan. Similarly, with China and the Russian Federation having extremely cordial relations, then Japan seeks to modernize its electronic warfare capabilities in the event of the worst-case scenario.

According to reports, the Russian Federation immediately focused on rendering aspects of the military communications of Ukraine to be incapable. Equally, while Ukraine was fighting endless jamming processes, it was noted that detonators were also rendered ineffective based on the electronic warfare capabilities of the Russian Federation. Hence, with China also focusing on this area, then it is high time for Japan to alter strategy in order to protect the military capabilities of this nation.

In a recent article by Modern Tokyo Times, it was stated, “The government of Japan is focused on a five-year plan to upgrade areas related to electronic warfare, cyber wars, cyberspace, and other modern military areas. At the same time, Japan understands the growing reality of new forms of international terrorism, growing threats of espionage, and how technology is revolutionizing many areas related to national security. Therefore, the new defense policy of Japan – while maintaining complimentary military developments with America – is acknowledging the changing military and covert reality that utilizes electronic warfare and cyber-related issues.”

Hence, the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is focused on upgrading vast areas of the military capability of Japan. In relation to the threat of sophisticated electronic warfare emanating from China or the Russian Federation – or another nation – that could destabilize the defensive mechanisms of the armed forces of Japan; this nation will now seek to counteract this possible threat. Therefore, focusing on sophisticated electronic radar systems that disable and jam the systems of enemy forces will protect Japan’s electronic attack military aircraft and other important areas.

Of course, electronic warfare is part of the Japanese system already in relation to military aircraft and warships. Yet, the focus in the past was overtly defensive based on constraints within the constitution and Japan’s quietist approach to the military angle. However, the changing times is a big concern for the current Japanese government based on the military capabilities of China and the Russian Federation – and the unpredictability of North Korea and its military ambitions.

Other areas, including hypersonic weapons, will be pursued based on upgrading Japan’s military capability. This is in line with the Japan Ministry of Defense uttering, “In view of diversifying and intensifying threats in space, cyber and electromagnetic spectrum domains, in order to protect lives and properties of Japanese people from various threats, Japan needs to strengthen response capabilities in space domain, strengthen readiness for addressing cyber attacks and improve response capabilities against attacks in the electromagnetic spectrum.”




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