Emperor Akihito of Japan needs Similar Dignity in Possible Abdication

Emperor Akihito of Japan needs Similar Dignity in Possible Abdication

Hiroshi Saito, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


Emperor Akihito of Japan is indicating strongly that abdication is in the interest of the nation because of his declining health. The Emperor was born in 1933 and since he became the leader of the Imperial Household in 1989, then a more gentle soul took responsibility both at home and internationally. Therefore, Akihito reached out in a dignified and sincere way.

Apparently, the Emperor desired to express openly his thoughts on a complex issue last year. However, preparations hadn’t been made in time last December. This failing shows the need to listen carefully to the words of the Emperor because he seeks to put the nation first.

New York Times says, According to NHK, the public broadcaster in Japan, Emperor Akihito, 82, who in 1989 succeeded his father, the wartime emperor Hirohito, told close aides that he intended to pass the throne to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito, 56, before he dies. No modern emperor has done so: The last emperor to abdicate was Emperor Kokaku, in 1817.”


It must be remembered that treatment for prostate cancer in 2003 and heart surgery in 2012 will have taken its toll on the Emperor, despite recovering. Equally important, the Emperor diligently abides by serving the people of Japan and this also applies to international commitments. Therefore, such a heavy schedule is bound to impact on the Emperor especially with past health concerns and a natural decline in physical strength.

The Emperor said, “When I consider that my fitness level is gradually declining, I am worried that it may become difficult for me to carry out my duties as the symbol of the state with my whole being as I have done until now.”

In modern Japan the legal framework doesn’t cover the provision of possible abdication, therefore, amendments are needed given the special circumstances of the Emperor. At all times, since the Emperor took over the role in 1989, he serves diligently and reaches out internationally based on his gentle spirit. Therefore, it is now time for the government of Japan to act without hesitation and enact the wishes of the Emperor.



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