EU and Anti Russia: Mass Unemployment, Huge Debt and Corruption but Ukraine Opposition Ignores

EU and Anti Russia: Mass Unemployment, Huge Debt and Corruption but Ukraine Opposition Ignores

Olivier LeCourt and Noriko Watanabe

Modern Tokyo Times


It is rather ironic that many undemocratic and nationalist forces in the Ukraine alongside pro-European Union (EU) democrats in this nation seek to join the EU. After all, the EU is blighted by mass unemployment, corruption, enormous debt and other social ills. Indeed, nations like Greece, Portugal and Spain – and others, must be rather baffled by events in the Ukraine. At the same time, so-called democratic forces in Kiev are ordering tanks and other military hardware to be used against the civilian population. This reality implies that killing Russians is fine in the EU, G7 and within the Obama administration in America.

The mantra across the democratic and nationalist board within the opposition in the Ukraine is that the EU is some type of “holy grail.” Yet in Greece, for example, many demonstrators associate the EU with being “big brother” by stealth and a recipe for disaster. This reality is further entrenched based on mass unemployment in Greece and the debt ratio in this nation.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “Obviously, the issues involving mass unemployment and enormous debt ratios in the EU is common knowledge, but now a recent report focuses on enormous corruption. Therefore, the “EU promise land” being stated within the opposition in the Ukraine appears rather churlish and based on internal propaganda. Not only this, but ironically for nationalist forces within the opposition, then would they welcome mass immigration into their nation? After all, powerful cities like London and Paris are clearly multi-cultural and this would appear at odds with nationalist forces within the opposition in the Ukraine.”

In this sense, it appears that opposition forces in the Ukraine are either aloof to the reality of the EU; or, much of their rhetoric is aimed at anti-Russian Federation motives.  Indeed, with senior American politicians upping the ante then it now appears like a geopolitical Cold War struggle, emanating from Washington and major nations within the EU.

Issues involving corruption in the EU was highlighted by the BBC. This media group reports: The extent of corruption in Europe is “breathtaking” and it costs the EU economy about 120bn euros (£99bn) annually, the European Commission says.”

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem will present a full report on the problem….”

“Writing in Sweden’s Goeteborgs-Posten daily, she said corruption was eroding trust in democracy and draining resources from the legal economy.”

Malmstroem made it clear that fraud is endemic within some EU nations. Similarly, in some member states it is equally clear that political parties and local government authorities are involved in areas related to fraud and limited transparency. Therefore, the 120billion euros loss to the EU economy based on malpractice is staggering but figures released may only be the tip of the iceberg?

Meanwhile, unemployment throughout the Eurozone accounts for approximately 20 million people being without work. This figure is manipulative because temporary work and low pay often fills the vacuum therefore the real issue is often being massaged by politicians. Likewise, you have enormous differences within the unemployment rate but in nations like Greece the number is staggeringly high.

Lee Jay Walker says: “Internally, issues in the Ukraine may appear to be based on a pro-EU agenda, opposed to a more diplomatic approach to economics and having favorable relations with the Russian Federation, which is being taken by the president of this nation. However, when you view issues within the EU like corruption, unemployment, debt – and so forth; then it appears that the nationalist bandwagon in the Ukraine is mainly aimed at anti-Russian Federation rhetoric.”

The final outcome in the Ukraine remains uncertain but one thing is for certain, the EU is no promised land. Indeed, for nationalists within the opposition, then the EU elites have chosen strange bedfellows because nationalist forces in the Ukraine are not overtly concerned about pluralist societies. Of course, you also have democrats within the opposition in the Ukraine but clearly certain forces within the opposition are not so concerned about their agenda – likewise, neither are Washington and London. Therefore, the media war and geopolitical shadow are once more being aimed at the Russian Federation despite this nation promising to help the Ukraine on a favorable level when compared with the paltry offer by the EU.

Lee Jay Walker gave guidance and support to both writers


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