First Nations and indigenous ignored by liberals in Canada: Mass immigration

First Nations and indigenous ignored by liberals in Canada: Mass immigration

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The indigenous First Nation communities once faced imperial forces that uprooted them and took their land in what became modern Canada. In modern times, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – and the ruling Liberal Party – are intent on altering the demographics of society at a rapid pace. Therefore, vast numbers of migrants are entering the country to serve the capitalist supply and demand theory of Trudeau.

The Vancouver Sun reports, “A small number of First Nations leaders over the years, however, have said they want more influence in shaping immigration. There came a point more than a decade ago when the Assembly of First Nations resolved to “freeze all immigration coming into Canada until the federal government addresses, commits, and delivers resources to improve housing conditions, education, health, and employment in First Nations communities.”

The indigenous communities of the First Nations, Metis, and Inuits account for approximately 1.8 million people. Thus in roughly 4 years, their entire collective population will be overtaken by new migrants from all over the world. This will naturally weaken their already limited economic, political, and social power.

Voice of America reports, “Canada set an immigration record last year by granting more than 437,000 foreigners permanent residency, the government said on Tuesday, as it ramps up immigration to fight a tight labor market.”

Wealthy G7 nations – except Japan – are content to replace their respective indigenous groups via rapid ethnic and religious demographic changes. Hence, several capital cities and other major cities are witnessing “the replacement theory.” Therefore, in the latest census of London, the indigenous now account for 36% of the population.

In Northeast Asia, the nations of China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan have no interest in mass immigration. Similarly, despite the Gulf States being awash with immigrants, these nations don’t seek to provide citizenship en masse. Also, Gulf States seek to maintain the dominance of the indigenous Muslim faith and oppose G7 gender identity policies. Therefore, from West Asia to Northeast Asia, these nations are opposed to “replacing their cultural, gender, and religious traditions.”

The Lancet reports, “Indigenous people in Canada tend to live in more rural regions, have lower rates of educational attainment, and are more likely to live in intergenerational housing and face housing insecurity than non-Indigenous Canadians. The average income and lifetime earnings are lower for Indigenous than non-Indigenous people, with the lowest incomes found for First Nations who live on the reserve. In 2011, the life expectancy at age 1 year for girls in Canada was 76·1 years for Inuit, 77·7 years for First Nations, 82·3 years for Métis, and 87·3 years for non-Indigenous people. The life expectancy at age 1 year for boys in Canada was 70·0 years for Inuit, 72·5 years for First Nations, 76·9 years for Métis, and 81·4 years for non-Indigenous people.”

The indigenous of America and Canada face endless mass immigration and wholesale cultural, religious, and social changes over and over again. Thus the indigenous in North America were first supplanted by European immigrants – and now they are falling further down the economic ladder concerning new waves of mass immigration. Therefore, while several Asian ethnic groups are flourishing in America and Canada: the indigenous have a lower life expectancy and suffer economically and educationally in comparison.

In America, the indigenous Native Americans, African-Americans, and white working-poor face fresh waves of mass immigration – while political elites do little to address the economic, educational, and social problems they face – along with other ills that follow. Hence, the indigenous First Nation communities in Canada are perenially witnessing the marginalization of their respective communities. This concerns economic, political, social, and religious changes that are far from their roots.

Yesterday the colonialists and European settlers took the lands of the indigenous in North America. Today, the liberals and “new left” that are pro-mass immigration are a capitalist dream by stealth. However, for indigenous communities, it is a perennial marginalization and the destruction of cultural forces that once shaped their histories and spirituality that continues under a new politically correct disguise.

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