Former PM Shinzo Abe was pronounced dead after being shot

Former PM Shinzo Abe was pronounced dead after being shot

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The former leader of Japan, Shinzo Abe, was pronounced dead after being shot in Nara. His killer is a former Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force member who left many years ago. Therefore, people are in shock throughout Japan.

The BBC reports, “Mr Abe was said to be conscious and responsive in the minutes after the attack, but the 67-year-old’s situation later deteriorated and he had to receive a blood transfusion in hospital, according to reports.”

Abe was finally confirmed dead by the Japanese government shortly after 5 pm. It was confirmed shortly after 11.30 am that Abe was in “a state of cardiopulmonary arrest.” Therefore, despite the best intentions of the Nara Medical University Hospital (Kashihara City), it was too late because he was showing no vital signs.

The Guardian reports, “Medics at the hospital say that Shinzo Abe had no vital signs when he arrived at the hospital but that they conducted resuscitation. “It was extremely serious, it was very grave,” the medic said of his condition on arrival. He had two wounds in the neck and a subcutaneous hemorrhage. Abe was confirmed dead at 5.03pm.”

His killer, Tetsuya Yamagami, said, “I had no grudge against former Prime Minister Abe for his political beliefs.” Therefore, this begs the question, why did this cold-bloodied killer shoot Abe with the clear intent of murder?

Modern Tokyo Times reported in an earlier article, “In 1995, terrorism led to the deaths of 14 people after the Aum Shinrikyo sarin attack on the Tokyo Underground. Leading members of Aum, including Shoko Asahara, were executed in 2018.”

Iccho Itoh, the Mayor of Nagasaki, was also shot dead in 2007. Hence, while Japan witnesses very few gun crimes – unlike in America – the internal terrorist attack and the murder of the Mayor of Nagasaki in 2007 have happened.

Abe’s security was shoddy and too trustworthy. This area needs to be strengthened after his brutal murder while campaigning in Nara.

May the soul of former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe rest in peace!


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