France and the Spirit of Le Pen: Or Macron and Tax Exile Funding, PC Media, and Elitist Institutions

France and the Spirit of Le Pen: Or Macron and Tax Exile Funding, PC Media, and Elitist Institutions

Chika Mori and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The independent spirit of France who champions the rich cultural traditions of this nation – along with fighting back against globalization – applies to Marine Le Pen of the National Front. In the complete opposite direction is the elitist Emmanuel Macron who is backed by wealthy tax exiles, the magnifying politically correct media agenda, and the traditional elitist bandwagon. Therefore, the people of France need to focus on the “elitist hoodwinkers” of the ruling order who can foster a new upstart when the old political order is threatened.

According to the mass media and political pundits, it appears likely that Le Pen and Macron will meet in the final run off. In saying this, the wily François Fillon does seem to be stabilizing himself and given recent elections and referendums, from America to the United Kingdom, then predicting future outcomes is certainly dangerous.

Either way, the old world order of traditional parties dominating means that while Fillon is currently in trouble – despite a recent pickup – then Macron is the “secured elitist clone.” After all, in recent times you appear to have a witch-hunt against any politician who may look favorably towards the Russian Federation. Hence, Fillon was open to stresses in the current political climate of America, France, and the United Kingdom.

Macron, in other words, resembles all that is wrong about Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, and Barack Obama. This applies to globalists who smile while bombing the former Yugoslavia and Libya respectively – and leaving legacies of mass immigration, a globalist agenda and challenging genuine conservatism from within. Therefore, Macron seems like “a clone” who represents globalization, preserving the ENA system, supporting mass immigration, maintaining the establishment, being a link to investment banking, abiding by the Inspection des Finances, loyal to the European Union, and backed by tax exiles.

In a past article by Modern Tokyo Times it was stated, The passionate and intellectual politician Marine Le Pen of the National Front (FN) made a powerful political appeal to the French masses. This notably applies to fighting against the negative excesses of globalization, the growing rise of Sunni Islamic fundamentalism, restoring fresh hope in the natural beauty of French culture, and reinvigorating France from the endless dead ends being created by traditional political elites. Therefore, Le Pen made a very passionate appeal to the electorate of France in her electoral bid to become the next leader of France.”

Le Pen said, “What is at stake in this election … is whether France can still be a free nation… The divide is not between the left and right any more but between patriots and globalists.”

It seems that if Fillon and the other main traditional elite fails to knock out Le Pen in the first round, then the old guard and elites will bank on Macron to carry the same flag forward. In other words, traditional French culture will face the endless duality of globalization and mass immigration – and preserving the endless agenda of radically altering France.

Le Pen said, “Financial globalization and Islamist globalization are helping each other out … Those two ideologies want to bring France to its knees.”

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