France to support Tunisia in order to help the democratic transition: North Africa and Macron

France to support Tunisia in order to help the democratic transition: North Africa and Macron

Salma Zribi, Noriko Watanabe, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

President Emmanuel Macron of France is hoping to shore up the democratic transition in Tunisia. Indeed, Macron understands the need for stability in North Africa based on multiple negative factors. This notably applies to terrorism on both sides of the Mediterranean linked to North Africans; endless mass migration of North Africans and others to Europe via the failed state of Libya; criminality; the threat that the path of democracy will be hindered by poverty, unemployment, and a brain drain; and the Islamist threat to democracy.

Indeed, it is in the interest of all European nations to boost central forces in all North African nations because destabilization in this part of North Africa will have a severe knock-on effect. Equally, stability is best served by increasing economic investments to nations like Tunisia – and working with Algeria and Egypt based on a similar transition to democracy. At the same time, mass instability in Libya needs to be addressed by the international community – if not, then mass immigration, terrorist ratlines, criminality, narcotics, and other negative factors will engulf parts of Europe.

In recent times, more demonstrations have erupted in Tunisia based on alienation, poverty, unemployment, limited opportunities, and enormous disillusionment. Macron hopes to address these issues and the transition to democracy with the political elites of Tunisia during his two-day visit.

Hence, France initially promised to provide new financing of 272 million Euros to Tunisia. Yet, this is the opening salvo because Macron is bound to usher new economic initiatives during his stay.

Macron said, “We are at an important moment in the life of Tunisia… We want to accompany you… We want to allow the youth of Tunisia to succeed”  

Reuters reports, France had already pledged to provide Tunisia with 1.2 billion euros in aid from 2016-2020, a commitment that Macron reaffirmed at the start of his two-day state visit.”

It is known that youth unemployment is over 30 percent of the population – of course, some European nations also have major problems like Greece. However, France under Macron fully understands the need to stabilize North Africa because of factors already mentioned. Therefore, the government of France is calling on French firms to invest heavily in Tunisia.

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