France partially listens by suspending the fuel tax rise: The Deep State and Macron

France partially listens by suspending the fuel tax rise: The Deep State and Macron

Sawako Utsumi and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The elitist leader of France, President Emmanuel Macron, was forced to listen to other politicians within the ruling party of La Republique en Marche. On top of this, Macron looked visibly shaken after viewing the aftermath of recent events in Paris, related to mass demonstrations by the supporters of “gilets jaunes” (Yellow Vests). Therefore, a compromise is in the offing based on the suspension of the fuel tax for the following six months.

This climb down by Macron will also include reviewing and listening to different voices outside of his elitist approach to politics in France. Hence, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced the suspension of the fuel tax increase that began mass discontent and spiraled to other areas. For example, unhappiness about the cost of living and how the ruling elites are distant from ordinary French citizens.

Philippe, after consultation took place within the La Republique en Marche, announced the news to the people of France. He stated, The French people who have put on yellow vests love their country… We share those values.”

Yet, irrespective if internal agitators – or, the murky role of the Deep State for individuals who believe the violence served Macron – emphasis was put on by Philippe to end the violence. The Prime Minister said, “The main role of the state is to guarantee public order, but we must fight against anything that endangers the unity of the nation.”

In other words, future demonstrations should be declared officially and in compliance with certain rules. At the same time, demonstrations by the Yellow Vests must be carried out in a peaceful manner declared Philippe.

The BBC reports, An analysis of the 2018-19 budget carried out by France’s public policy institute, for example, found that incomes for the poorest quarter of households would largely drop or stay the same under the plans.”

Yet, alarmingly, and with anger being directed at the elitist nature of Macron, the rich would benefit. Hence, the BBC continues to report, “…the greatest beneficiaries would be those who were already wealthy, in the top 1%. The pattern is worse for retired people – almost all of whom will be worse off.”

Turning back to the alleged violence of the Yellow Vests, then some suspicion is that the Deep State was involved. Modern Tokyo Times reports, Overall, the Yellow Vests don’t need violent extremists to sully the objectives they hold – nor do they need the Deep State to play murky games. Anger is genuine in France and the huge numbers of people that took part in the protests are witness to this fact. Indeed, if the Interior Minister says, “about 136,000 people took part,” it is more than likely that this number is even higher. Hence, the government of Macron needs to listen to ordinary French citizens who feel abandoned by the central state and the elites who rule France. If not, then divisions within France will grow based on many factors – and not just purely economic and political – but also culturally and socially.”

It seems that Macron believes that the suspension will split the Yellow Vests. Yet, without the abolition of the tax rise, the ongoing discontent could erupt at any moment.

Ominously, Benjamin Cauchy, a spokesperson for the Yellow Vests, isn’t impressed by the outcome of Macron’s changed temporary nuance. He said, either a disguised political snub or… to make fun of the French and put the tax back in six months.”

If further violence erupts – then useful militants will scupper the ideals behind the demonstrations that took place during the initial period. This fact will serve the murky role of the Deep State. Hence, all sides in the dispute will be watching how events unfold based on mistrust – after all, the fuel tax may be reinstated six months later depending on how the general public views the situation.

Alarmingly, from the anti-Macron point of view, the state apparatus may be manipulated in order to mislead people. This is based on the murky shadows and the utilization of various means at the disposal of the state apparatus and the useful role of certain media sources.

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