Fresh massacre in DRC: G7 and EU fixated on funding Ukraine (Japan)

Fresh massacre in DRC: G7 and EU fixated on funding Ukraine (Japan)

Kanako Mita, Sawako Utsumi, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Another massacre in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) of innocent civilians. This time CODECO is being blamed. Indeed, often on the same day, various militias are butchering irrespective of the Islamist insurgents of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), M23 (backed by Rwanda), and an array of other militias.

However, similar to the crisis in Burkina Faso, the Central African Republic, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and other conflicts from Javanization and Islamization in West Papua by Indonesia to the ongoing Bengali takeover of the mainly indigenous Buddhists of the Chittagong Hill Tracts: for the G7 and the European Union (EU) it is Ukraine, Ukraine, and Ukraine (and not the indigenous Russians of this region).

NATO Turkey is still occupying North Cyprus (Orthodox Christians cleansed) and parts of Northern Syria – while also bombing the Kurds (PKK) and Yazidis in Northern Iraq. Turkey and Israel also support the persecution of Armenian Christians in Nagorno-Karabakh by backing Azerbaijan militarily and politically. The EU, NATO, and Japan barely drop an eyelid between them. After all, NATO didn’t expel Turkey over the occupation of Northern Cyprus that began several decades ago and Japan didn’t call for sanctions.

The leader of India summed up the arrogance of the EU, G7, and NATO nations that are backing Ukraine to the tune of untold money – from military arms to reconstruction at the drop of a hat. Accordingly, a money pipeline is extended to Ukraine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India said, “We are also witnessing rising geopolitical tensions in different parts of the world. There are disruptions in global supply chains. Many societies are suffering due to rising prices. And, food and energy security have become major concerns across the world. Even the financial viability of many countries is threatened by unsustainable debt levels.”

Modi continued – and a hint to G7 and EU nations – “I urge you to focus on the most vulnerable people in the world.”

The World Food Programme (WFP) reports, “New estimates from the 79 countries where WFP has an operational presence, and where data is available, show the number of acutely food-insecure people will hit a record high of 349 million in 2022. This is an increase of about 200 million people compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

Despite this, President Joe Biden of America (Democratic Party and $1.7 trillion war machine budget over two years), Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan, leaders of the EU, and the leader of the United Kingdom continue to fixate themselves on China and the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, China, similar to India and the Global South, seeks to focus on nations that are neglected internationally. Therefore, while the EU, G7, and NATO peddle war, the country of China backed the return of diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Voice of America reports, “The government declared a state of siege in Ituri and neighboring North Kivu province in 2021, in an attempt to stem rampant militia violence in the country’s vast mineral-rich east. But the killings and rebel activity have not shown any sign of abating.”

A Christian church leader in Butembo (Mulinde Esemo) said Christians were being slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in the DRC – like people butcher animals. 

Mulinde Esemo uttered, “We are living in a very tense situation here in Eastern DRC, both in towns and in the villages. Scores of believers have been killed in cold blood by the ADF rebels. It is a massacre like one killing animals.” 

The Allied Democratic Forces (an Islamist terrorist group that originates from Uganda) pledges loyalty to ISIS (Islamic State – IS) in the DRC. Accordingly, Christians have been burnt alive and hacked to death by machetes – and other brutal ADF methods.

Other militias kill in the same region of the DRC. Hence, CODECO recently killed at least 35 people (including children) in Northeast Ituri province.

Bintou Keita, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for the DRC, said: “The intensification of the conflict with the M23 and the persistent activism of other armed groups, including the ADF, Zaire, and CODECO, to name a few, continue to inflict intolerable suffering on the civilian population.”

UN News reports – despite 5.8 million people being displaced in the DRC – “It is also one of UNHCR’s most underfunded operations worldwide. For 2023, UNHCR is asking for $232.6 million to assist internally displaced people and refugees in the DRC. As of today, the DRC operation is only eight percent funded.”

The EU, G7, and NATO nations are fixated on Ukraine, Ukraine, and Ukraine (provided they kill Russians and destabilize the Russian Federation).

The Global South and independent nations in the Northern Hemisphere need to remind the EU, G7, and NATO powers that the “other world is equally important.”

It remains to be seen if a solution can be found that stabilizes the dire situation in the DRC. However, it is shocking that emergency operations are underfunded in this country – and others – while the EU, G7, and NATO pump Ukraine with a money pipeline.

Kishida’s world order – like Biden’s world order and the biased rule of law – is to focus on their narrow version of international relations and negate more important issues.

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