German leader once said Aggressive-Imperialist NATO: Russia, US, and Japan

German leader once said Aggressive-Imperialist NATO: Russia, US, and Japan

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The German Chancellor of Germany, Olaf Scholz, famously derided NATO during his more socialist days. Indeed, he had sympathy with the Marxist wing of Jusos ( the Social Democratic Party youth wing of Jusos). Therefore, he famously said the “aggressive-imperialist NATO” was a bane to Europe and implied it was the bulwark in preserving “the capitalist economy.”

However, despite Scholz showing the possibility of compromise with the Russian Federation – or at least listening to the other angle of the ensuing conflict in Ukraine and the Russian cultural areas of Donbas: he is now changing his stance. This concerns the Russian Federation’s view that the armed forces are protecting Russians and non-Russian speakers in the Donbas (Donbass) region – and the adjacent areas – that look to “mother Russia” from endless Ukrainian aggression (Ukrainian forces have been bombing this area since 2014).

Scholz once understood that the “aggressive-imperialist NATO” served America’s geopolitical goals. In modern times, Poland, the United Kingdom, and nations that comprise the Baltic region are especially pro-Ukraine and seek to weaken the Russian Federation.

President Joe Biden’s administration is the main culprit – along with enormous encouragement from Poland, the United Kingdom, and the three Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in banging the drums of war against the Russian Federation.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan – is the sole leader in Asia who is also banging the drums of war on the coattails of America. Thus Kishida endlessly rebukes China and the Russian Federation by spreading his anti-China and anti-Russia rhetoric to Asia and Europe, respectively. Indeed, only Japan is anti-Russian Federation to an extreme – throughout all of Asia. Therefore, the ghosts of history can be heard in the corridors of power in Japan and Germany (two nations that brought dread to Asia and Europe not so long ago).

It is disconcerting to hear Scholz declare that Germany will defend every inch of NATO. After all, if you take the enormous landmass of the Russian Federation out of the equation and Ukraine: this relates to most of Europe while being backed by America and Canada. Hence, why aren’t the geopolitical concerns of the Russian Federation being addressed in a reasonable stance?

Scholz recently said, “We will defend every square meter of NATO territory.” In the last few decades, NATO powers have bombed Serbia, Iraq, and Libya – and involved themselves in Afghanistan along with intrigues against Syria. Also, hypocritically, NATO Turkey occupies Northern Cyprus and Northern Syria – and bombs the Kurds and Yazidi areas in Northern Iraq while also involving itself in Libya.

Scholz uttered that a partnership with the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin is now “unimaginable.” However, it was “very imaginable” for Japan and Germany to witness what America did in North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia related to wars since September 11 that have killed 387,000 civilians and forced 38 million to leave their homes.

Scholz reiterated that the new Germany – just like Kishida is saying in Japan (despite this nation’s endless mountain of debt) – will militarize concerning protecting not only Germany – but also to protect allies. Kishida is saying the same in Japan.

Scholz said, “The German armed forces will be equipped so it can protect our country and our allies against any attack… That is the standard for the new Bundeswehr.”

Kishida said, “I myself have a strong sense that Ukraine today may be the East Asia [of] tomorrow.” 

Kishida continued – in the knowledge that America is the main guarantor of Japan’s safety: “At the same time, however, we must be prepared for the emergence of an entity that tramples on the peace and security of other countries by force or threat without honoring the rules.”

Germany and Japan imply the “humanitarian war doctrine.” Hence, they seek to militarize by utilizing the threat of the Russian Federation (Germany) or the threat of China and the Russian Federation (Japan under Kishida). In reality, the “humanitarian war doctrine” led to Iraq, Libya, and other conflicts.

The legacy is endless failed states, vast resources squandered, terrorism, and instability filling the vacuum. Regional nations – from Tajikistan in Central Asia to the Sahel region in Africa also feel these endless convulsions. Hence, the chaos they claim to be fighting usually ends up with being failed states – new tragedies, from the vast majority of Christians fleeing Iraq since NATO powers intervened to the enslavement of Yazidis by the Islamic State (ISIS) – and then they leave and start afresh by supporting another conflict. Of course, Kishida and Scholz know this reality – but they don’t seek to dwell on such hypocrisy.

Modern Tokyo Times recently said, “Post-September 11, 2001, approximately 38 million people were uprooted. These convulsions opened by America – and often supported by allies including the United Kingdom and others – are still causing mayhem in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and the entire Sahel region that felt the convulsions of Libya. However, Kishida brushes all these ongoing convulsions under his pro-America revisionist carpet. Instead, he sprouts his anti-Russia mantra – and points the finger at China – while ignoring the countless past deeds of America along with the ongoing convulsions.” 

Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs (Brown University – America) says, “Millions of people living in the war zones have also been displaced by war. The U.S. post-9/11 wars have forcibly displaced at least 38 million people in and from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, the Philippines, Libya, and Syria. This number exceeds the total displaced by every war since 1900, except World War II.”

Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs continued by stating that 387,000 civilians have been killed in America’s fight against terrorism. Kishida mocks these deaths concerning his “international law” narrative that is nothing more than the “humanitarian war doctrine” utilized by the leaders of America and the United Kingdom in recent times. Once more, the figure is over 400,000 dead if the Sahel region is counted concerning the regional convulsions triggered by the bombing of Libya.

In truth, Scholz is responding to events that concern Europe – irrespective if people support or oppose his stance. Hence, he isn’t banging the “nationalist drums of war.” Instead, much like his political career, he is pragmatic and open to u-turns. However, his intentions will be manipulated by America and the United Kingdom – this is the worry.

Kishida is a nationalist. Similar to the recent leaders of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Japan. Thus, like the Shinzo Abe (more open to the Russian Federation but anti-China) and Yoshihide Suga (anti-China) administrations: Kishida is following the same pattern. However, he is both anti-China and anti-Russian Federation.

The recent “humanitarian war doctrine” opened up horrendous convulsions in several parts of the world under the auspices of NATO powers. Convulsions are ongoing – long after NATO powers leave the military arena. Therefore, in the Sahel region, new countries (long after the Libya debacle created a failed state) are being destabilized in modern times.

Kishida seeks to utilize the “humanitarian war doctrine” and America’s containment policies of China and the Russian Federation to alter the peace-inspired constitution.

Kishida’s nationalist view of history – along with his pro-revisionism of America (glossing over the hundreds of thousands of recent civilian deaths to Agent Orange being dropped on Vietnam) – is more dangerous. After all, it is nationalism via the back door while playing the “fake humanitarian card” to militarize and for Japan to involve itself against Northeast Asian nations (China and the Russian Federation).

Scholz should refrain from the jingoism of political elites in America, the European Union, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Yes, Germany should focus on the national security of the nation-state. However, Germany is already a NATO power. Therefore, his recent rhetoric against the Russian Federation needs to be cautioned: otherwise, Germany will be joining an unwanted club responsible for countless wars since World War Two.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party in Japan has misused three squandered decades. Hence, the upshot is that the vast majority of people are blighted by static wages: concerning endless failed economic policies that favor the share-owning class and mega-corporations. Therefore, with Japan blighted by the worst ratio of debt in the world – only nationalism is left for the ruling party to maintain its stranglehold on political power.

Scholz isn’t an internal historical revisionist or a nationalist in the real sense. Yet, Kishida’s political party is internally revisionist and utilizes nationalism increasingly in recent administrations. Therefore, Scholz and Kishida might meet in the middle concerning the “humanitarian war doctrine” – even if one leader (Scholz) is more sincere than the other (Kishida) – and this is the fear.


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