Germany and Salafi Extremism: Social Democrats leader speaks out against Takfiris

Germany and Salafi Extremism: Social Democrats leader speaks out against Takfiris

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

It appears that some German politicians in mainstream parties are waking up to the threat of Sunni Salafi extremism that is gaining ground in Germany. For example, Sigmar Gabriel, the leader of the Social Democrats (SPD), is calling for new measures against the growing menace of Salafi Islam. Therefore, it is hoped that political and social pressure in Germany will also stem the tide of the naïve policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

In the past, and still continuing today, Gulf petrodollars and Sunni Islamist intrigues emanating from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states, seek to alter the landscape of Germany. Indeed, the Balkans, for example, is witnessing more radical Sunni Islamization in certain parts of this region based on the deeds of nations in the Gulf. Similarly, the vacuum is based on short-term Western foreign policy objectives in Albania, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Likewise, the European Union and major Christian churches seem to be sleepwalking into a Sunni Islamist nightmare being planned by elements within the Gulf region and in modern day Turkey under President Erdogan.

Gabriel, in an informative interview, told Der Spiegel that “Salafist mosques must be banned, communities dissolved, and the preachers should be expelled as soon as possible.”

The same politician said he had “zero tolerance” towards tackling Salafi extremism that is a major ticking time bomb that is threatening any notions of social cohesion. Yet, it isn’t only Takfiri Sunni Islamism that is threatening the social fabric of German society. After all, the sex attacks in Cologne, and other cities, by mainly Sunni Muslims emanating from non-war zones in North Africa isn’t related to religious extremism. In other words, Merkel’s open door policy is encouraging many undesirable consequences from increasing terrorism, growing sexual assaults against women, and cultural events that need to be guarded against Takfiri Islamist zealots.

Gabriel also mentioned the cultural fight that is taking place in Germany based on the growing menace of Salafi Islam. He stated, “If we are serious about the fight against Islamism and terrorism, then it must also be a cultural fight.”

In a recent article, Modern Tokyo Times said The politically correct in Europe and North America stress “brotherhood, unity, and solidarity.” However, in the land of Mecca and Medina not one single Buddhist temple or Christian church is tolerated. Indeed, non-Muslim males are not allowed to marry Saudi Arabian Muslim females – and in countless nations, minority faiths understand the mentality of “dhimmitude” and systematic persecution. Despite this, Gulf petrodollars are spreading Salafi Islam to Germany and in return, the one-way civilization war does zilch based on the meekness of Christian leaders, the closed-eyes of the politically correct, and the whims of Merkel who is intent on changing the ethnic and cultural landscape of Germany.”

It is time for European nations and major Christian churches to stop behaving like self-induced dhimmis. If not, then the march of Salafi Islam and other militant strains within Sunni Islamist circles will penetrate respective European nations from different angles – be this terrorism, conversions, Sharia Islamist-ruled areas, and rapid changes in Sunni Islamist demographics. This growing menace is based on internal policies that just placate a vile source of religious hatred and the blindness of the politically correct – and leading Christian churches – that are tolerating a one-way civilizational war. Therefore, a European cultural and religious dimension must start to impact in the other direction towards Gulf States, Turkey, and Pakistan.

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