Germany in Draft Law to Outlaw Child Marriage after Surge of non-German Child Marriages

Germany in Draft Law to Outlaw Child Marriage after Surge of non-German Child Marriages

Helmet Joachim Schmidt, Chika Mori, and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

The government of Germany is finally turning the clock forward again by specifying the importance of traditional modern German values, in relation to marriage. This is based on the growing reality of non-German heritage nationals being involved in the marriage of minors. Of course, the increasing numbers of minors being married relates to the policies of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her “open door policy.” After all, this led to many economic migrants utilising the situation along with elements of criminality that filled the void.

Merkel often appears aloof, for example, after one terrorist incident she seemed extremely distant. However, with elections in the offing – and with some internal political discontent – then Merkel seems to be focused on re-strengthening certain areas that acknowledge the significance of German culture.

Hence, the cabinet of Merkel agreed to a new draft law specifying the need to prevent child marriage from occurring. After all, with nearly 1,500 marriages involving minors from non-German heritages then something had to be done. Therefore, the approved draft law specifies the annulment of all marriages involving minors below the age of sixteen and stipulating the minimum set age of marriage being 18 years of age.

Heiko Maas, the Justice Minister of Germany, said, “We cannot tolerate any marriages that might harm the natural development of minors.”

The four main ethnic groups in relation to child marriage apply to Syria (664), Afghanistan (157), Iraq (100), and Bulgaria (65). In some quarters, even if not specified openly, it is essential to prevent this issue from snowballing and becoming sanctioned by cultural and religious practices. Similarly, it is essential for Germany to maintain ethical standards that have been put in place in modern times.

Tensions still exist internally inside the ruling Christian Democratic Union (CDU) based on Merkel’s “open door” refugee policy that enabled migrants to manipulate the situation. For example, some CDU politicians seek a clamp down on foreign-financed Islamic mosques and speeding up the process of failed asylum seekers. Therefore, it remains to be seen if Merkel is refocusing on traditional German cultural values – or if she is papering over the cracks based on upcoming elections.

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