Germany, the EU, and Russia condemn US sanctions over Nord Stream 2

Germany, the EU, and Russia condemn US sanctions over Nord Stream 2

Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Germany, the European Union (EU), and the Russian Federation have all condemned America after the White House issued sanctions on companies dealing with Nord Stream 2. Once more, the United States under President Donald Trump is seeking to dictate on issues that don’t concern America. After all, the agreement of Nord Stream 2 involves Germany, the Russian Federation, and other European nations.

Tass News reports, The Nord Stream 2 project involves construction of two lines with a total capacity of 55 bln cubic meters of gas per year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany. Gazprom’s European partners in the project are German Uniper and Wintershall, Austrian OMV, French Engie and Anglo-Dutch Shell. The pipeline bypasses transit states – Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, and other East European and Baltic countries – through the exclusive economic zones and territorial waters of Russia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.”

In other words, it is a European energy concern that is outside the remit of America. Yet, irrespective of which major political party in America, the same anti-Russian Federation mantra can be found.

The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, is especially unhappy about the meddling of America into the energy affairs of several European nations. A spokeswoman for Germany uttered, “They affect German and other European businesses, and we see the move as meddling in our internal affairs.”

A spokesperson for the EU told AFP news agency, “As a matter of principle, the EU opposes the imposition of sanctions against EU companies conducting legitimate business.”

The BBC reports, “Russia currently supplies about 40% of the EU’s gas supplies – just ahead of Norway, which is not in the EU but takes part in its single market. The new pipeline will increase the amount of gas going under the Baltic to 55 billion cubic meters per year.”

It is known that some East European nations are concerned about the possible leverages of the Russian Federation – the same line being mentioned in America. However, Merkel went out of her way to stress that Germany will not be beholden to the Russian Federation in the area of energy.

Irrespective of the concerns of America, it isn’t up to European nations to dictate its energy policy on Washington. Likewise, America should not dictate to European nations.


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