Ginza Fashion, Cosmetics and Technology: Shiseido The Ginza

Ginza Fashion, Cosmetics and Technology: Shiseido The Ginza

Kanako Itamae and Sarah Deschamps

Modern Tokyo Times


Tokyo is famous for exquisite boutiques and where high fashion flourishes throughout this mega-city. Not surprisingly, Shiseido The Ginza suits this environment because of the rich sophistication to be found throughout this delightful store. On top of this, Shiseido naturally fuses their exquisite cosmetics and other products with high-end technology.  Therefore, this total beauty store is based on pure panache and luxury that naturally suits the products available from this famous international brand.

Lee Jay Walker at Modern Tokyo Times says: “Shiseido is a company with a very rich history and this can be seen by the store in Ginza. All floors are based on a having a new experience, whereby shoppers can engage themselves amongst the sophistication that is on offer.  Of course, this sophistication is matched by the quality of the products and by staff who represent the finest of qualities that befits Shiseido.”

International tourists and Tokyo ladies are spoilt for choice if they adore cosmetics and other products related to high brand companies in this sector. Indeed, it is difficult to surpass the layout of each floor along with the amazing and high quality products that Shiseido makes. Also, the appealing reality of Shiseido The Ginza applies to beauty parlors, sampling areas, a fantastic photo studio and the icing on the cake is the state of the art technology that this company incorporates.

Lee Jay Walker says: “Tokyo ladies and visiting women to Ginza can experiment with digital cosmetic mirrors that are fully interactive. Therefore, once the barcode is entered this will show the person how it will look once it is matched with the customers face.  This enables the individual to utilize all the various colors that are on offer. Equally important, the final image also shows the look from various angles and this reality is pure luxury, mixed with convenience and style.”


Counselors are also available to help individuals with their natural skin types and other areas related to skin care. This natural experience, for all customers that seek to learn from professional counselors, enriches the feeling of being special.

On top of this, estheticians are on hand in order to guide customers and to inform them with their broad knowledge. Of course, with Shiseido being Shiseido, then their internal Shiseido Academy of Beauty & Fashion installs all estheticians with the full knowledge that is essential for such a high cultural brand.

Overall, if ladies adore high-end cosmetics and other products that match this area, then clearly Shiseido The Ginza is a must place to visit. Like previously mentioned, the level of high technology and the amazing décor is a real treat. Of course, for individuals who know Shiseido, then this isn’t surprising because of the richness of this amazing brand based on the adorable history of Shiseido.  – SHISEIDO THE GINZA


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