Gulf and NATO nations are concerned for 20,000 Sunni Islamist terrorists in Eastern Ghouta in Syria

Gulf and NATO nations are concerned for 20,000 Sunni Islamist terrorists in Eastern Ghouta in Syria

Murad Makhmudov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Once more powerful NATO and Gulf nations – alongside a compliant press and media campaign – are trying to fool the international community in relation to Eastern Ghouta, Syria. In truth, approximately one in twenty people in Eastern Ghouta belong to various Sunni Islamist terrorist groups who hate Alawites, Christians, the Druze, pro-government Sunni Muslims, the Shia, and secularists. Hence, you have at least 20,000 Sunni Islamist Takfiri terrorists in Eastern Ghouta that seek a Takfiri Sharia Islamist state in Syria.

The armed forces of Syria are represented by all faith groups and like the government based in Damascus, they are fighting against brutal sectarian terrorists who even butcher each other over petty squabbles. In other words, images coming out of Eastern Ghouta are being manipulated by Gulf powers, nations belonging to NATO, al-Qaeda affiliates, Sunni Islamist sectarian groups, and is being rubber-stamped by a compliant Gulf and Western media campaign. Therefore, the Russian Federation is intent on protecting the government of Syria from the many enemies of this nation that seek to carve-up and weaken this nation based on an array of different factors.

Irrespective if Sunni Islamist Takfiris belong to ISIS (Islamic State), various al-Qaeda affiliates, the Army of Islam, and a plethora of other sectarian terrorist groups, they all share certain common themes. This applies to cleansing Christians, butchering Alawites, slaughtering the Shia, and torturing pro-government Sunni Muslims. Hence, the Army of Islam – backed by Saudi Arabia – paraded Alawite men and women in cages throughout areas of Eastern Ghouta under their control. Therefore, just like ISIS that beheads and enslaves, the Army of Islam is another sectarian terrorist group that tortures openly.

Of course, Gulf and NATO powers are not putting pressure on Saudi Arabia to stop supporting sectarian terrorists in Syria – just like the same nations ignore the enormous barbarity being done to Yemen by the Saudi Arabia-led alliance. Equally, the Failaq al-Rahman happens to be openly supported by Qatar and Turkey. Hence, leading Gulf and NATO powers appear to be allowed to support terrorist groups without facing any international consequences. Therefore, just like Ahrar al-Sham had links with al-Qaeda based on Mohammed Baheya (he was killed while trying to do a deal between ISIS and al-Nusra) who knew Ayman al-Zawahiri, it seems that these collective forces of 20,000 sectarian terrorists are largely invisible from the mainstream images coming out of Eastern Ghouta.

It is known that Syria and the Russian Federation have been more than open to providing safe passages for innocent civilians in Eastern Ghouta. Yet, when these terrorist sectarian Islamist groups put Alawites in cages and treat minorities with utter brutality, then does anyone really believe that innocent civilians have a choice to freely leave Eastern Ghouta?

Of course, it is inconceivable that America, China, France, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, or any nation in the world, would tolerate 20,000 sectarian Islamist terrorists to be based in the environment of the capital city – or anywhere within the nation-state. Therefore, innocent civilians who are dying in Eastern Ghouta and Damascus – and throughout Syria – are being killed and maimed because of Gulf and NATO intrigues against the government of Syria. After all, they have flooded this nation with international terrorists while plying Gulf petrodollars to spread Takfiri versions of Islam internally. Hence, it is incumbent on other international nations to request Gulf and NATO powers to rein in their respective terrorist sectarian groups and to stop their endless intrigues against Syria.

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