Happy New Year from Modern Tokyo Times: Ending of Heisei Era and demographic needs

Happy New Year from Modern Tokyo Times: Ending of Heisei Era and demographic needs

The nation of Japan will witness the end of the Heisei Era in 2019 based on the abdication of Emperor Akihito on April 30. Hence, with Emperor Akihito serving the nation with grace and wisdom throughout the Heisei Era, a new period will start from May 1. Therefore, 2019 in Japan will witness the changing of generations within the imperial family.

On the international front, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe needs to position himself diplomatically between America and China. This relates to tensions on various fronts. For example, tensions remain over tariffs, geopolitics, stealing technology innovations and abusing property rights, espionage, and other areas of importance. Abe, therefore, should position himself to be “a bridge” between the leaders and administrations of America and China respectively.

Also, Japan and the Russian Federation need to forge closer ties and increase mutual trust in order to finally move forward on the territorial dispute. Equally important, it is time for Japan to increase its internal power dynamics rather than increasing tensions in Okinawa. Similarly, if Japan seeks to move closer to solving the territorial dispute with the Russian Federation, then a common sense approach is needed based on preventing America from upsetting the geopolitical angle in Northern Japan.

The demographic crisis also needs new dynamics because relying on an endless supply of migrant labor isn’t a long-term solution. Hence, the government of Japan needs to put the Japanese people first, rather than grand international aid projects and wasting resources on international institutions. In other words, a genuine economic incentive is needed along with tax relief and other areas of support.

Sadly, for nations like Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, and others, then nature will once more create problems for these nations in 2019. In relation to Japan, then the country is always a typhoon or earthquake away from a fresh disaster. Therefore, more needs to be done to help the elderly and disabled during times of natural disaster based on greater pre-planning because often this group is disproportionately affected.

Overall, it is hoped that 2019 will witness increased economic growth in Japan and new dynamics to challenge many serious internal issues. This notably applies to the demographic crisis, the pension system, helping the disadvantaged, and winning over consumer confidence.

Happy New Year from Modern Tokyo Times and hopefully 2019 will be a year based on personal renewal for our loyal readership.