Hezbollah Rebukes anti Shia Forces in Yemen: Saudi Arabia and US Meddling

Hezbollah Rebukes anti Shia Forces in Yemen: Saudi Arabia and US Meddling

Omar Abdullah Ismail and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times


The balance of power is changing in Yemen because the persecuted Shia Houthi minority is sweeping over parts of this country. Over many decades the Shia have suffered from perennial central corruption, ruling elites that abide by feudal Gulf monarchs, systematic persecution, alienation and many massacres. On top of this, the current Obama administration is treating the nation with disdain. Therefore, the intrigues of Washington in favoring Saudi Arabia against the persecuted Shia should set off alarm bells in Iran.

Not surprisingly, the United States is coddling up to Saudi Arabia after this feudal state decided to bomb Yemen. At no point did the Obama administration take into consideration the systematic persecution of the Shia in Yemen. Instead, the indecisive Obama quickly supported Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen. This reality means that America is partaking in an anti-Shia plot in order to keep Yemen weak.

His Eminence, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah, is right to rebuke Saudi Arabia and America in its joint venture based on keeping the Shia down. Nasrallah rightly states: “Those who agree on this war on Yemen are partners in it.”

Iran also needs to stop helping the Obama administration in Iraq because it is abundantly clear that Tehran’s intervention is helping America to gloss over its perennial failed polices in this nation. Also, Iran should worry that America is trying to suck this nation into a conflict with ISIS, while at the same time supporting pro-ISIS and pro-Takfiri nation states in Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. Therefore, Iran must ostracize the Obama administration for its anti-Shia stance in Yemen, in order for Washington to refrain from being a willing anti-Shia partner. At the same time, Tehran should tell America to refrain from its anti-Syria and anti-Yemen policies, otherwise a nuclear deal should be off the table and the same applies to bailing America out in Iraq.

Nasrallah also stressed: “If the objective is to rescue the Yemeni people, why did you abandon the Palestinian people for decades? Why did you betray them? If the objective is to restore legitimacy in Yemen, why didn’t you seek that for Palestine?”

The extremely knowledgeable Nasrallah, who supports the religious mosaic of the entire Levant, also rebuked the false excuses being put out by Saudi Arabia and its willing partner in America. His eminence stated: “The third excuse — which is being most promoted by the Arab, Gulf and Saudi media outlets — is that Yemen has become occupied by Iran. This is one of the biggest lies that are being circulated.”

Nasrallah continued: “Another excuse is that the new situation in Yemen was threatening the security of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf countries and the Red Sea. Is this true? Is there a proof that you can offer to peoples, scholars or muftis? This is neither a religious behavior nor it is humanitarian.”

It appears that providing the Shia Houthis accept that they are inferior, then this compliant existence suits Saudi Arabia and America. Likewise, providing Shia Muslims accept being killed by al-Qaeda affiliates and ruled by corrupt central elites, then this is equally fine to Riyadh and Washington. However, if the Shia Houthi movement decides to rise-up in order to escape systematic persecution, then the consequences will be being bombed and attacked by Saudi Arabia based on the usual rubber-stamp of America.

Nasrallah also stated: “You and your allies came with “ISIL” in order to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and Maliki in Iraq … What have you done to help the Iraqi people in face of “ISIL?” Iran was the first to stand and help Iraq.”

Finally, his eminence stressed: “The real reason to this aggression is that Saudi Arabia has lost its hegemony and bets in Yemen and lost hope in its takfiri groups. It has sensed that Yemen is now for its people and this war aims to regain hegemony over Yemen.”

Iran should remind America that in Bahrain and Yemen – just like in Saudi Arabia – it is Shia Muslims who suffer from systematic persecution. Also, if America wants to be bailed out in Iraq and solve the nuclear crisis, then this should be contingent on America adopting a policy based on fairness.



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